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    Channel 4's The Aliens

    Cheap labour?
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    Nintendo NX: Why Not Having An Optical Drive Could Potentially Work In The Big N’s Favor

    The rest of your post before this bit is fair enough. However Nintendo have put more effort into making games for gamers than any other developer I can think of. Maybe NaughtyDog come close. Just because a game is colourful or "cutesy" it doesnt mean it isnt a brilliant game. Mario Kart 8...
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    Is it me or are graphic cards prices totally off the charts

    I dont really know how they compare to a 390. I was on the brink of buying a 390 but managed to get the 7970 rather cheap. If I sold them both Id probably get about £140 tops. Then I'd need £120 ontop of that to get a 390 which I understand wouldnt be much different at all. The noise and...
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    Is it me or are graphic cards prices totally off the charts

    I keep deliberating over a new card. Although when I added a second 7970 to my system its given me a massive boost and it plays everything at 1440p with great framerates. Looking at comparisons they perform like a 980. I can no longer justify a new card other than the cooling and noise...
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    Nintendo NX: Why Not Having An Optical Drive Could Potentially Work In The Big N’s Favor

    I'm a fan of gaming in general and if I was to say anything was irrelevant then I would say it was my use of PS4/XB1 . I need PS4 for Uncharted but beyond that I play pretty much any new release on my PC/Gaming laptop rigged to TV. Nintendo offers me the games that dont come to PC. So they...
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    Case suggestions please

    At least people are making the effort to actually give some input. The reason you are asking for help is because you cant find something yourself. Dont be surprised that other people are struggling to find your dream case. You are quite annoyingly rude to be honest. What a stinking...
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    LED Bulb Thread

    Looking to update our house from old style bulbs to new LED stuff. Can anyone point me in the direction of some kinda starter information? Thanks.
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    The price is ridiculous but then so are the prices of some CPUs and Titan cards. Its not the fastest, but its the most compact, and that appeals to some crazy folk. I personally wouldnt spend so much but I imagine it could be cool in some tiny setups.
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    Windows 10

    I came here to say that Windows 10 has given me nothing but crap since I updated to it. Often it will crash/lockup due to downloading/installing a background update. I locks up my game and then I restart pc to see it install a damn update. I hate this OS at the minute.
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    Which GPU £280 budget

    I've had amd cards myself for years and I've had nvidia for the last year too. Absolutely no difference in drivers for each. Any issues I've had with games playing up had been down to Windows or other programs. My 7970 crossfire system works perfectly fine and plays everything. Scores in...
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    How do you manage your storage?

    After a while everything on my pc gets messy and I feel it needs organising. I have windows installed on an ssd then I have 3 other storage drives cluttered with random crap. I've got a new 250gb ssd to use but I'm gonna have to move things about I think. Are you guys well organised?
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    Mad Max: Fury Road

    We watched Ted 2 and it pains me to say I found it far more enjoyable. Mad max should only win awards for its visual effects and good crashes. The story is embarrassingly bad. Big fat women being milked to trade for gasoline? Why bother getting the gasoline when you have a citadel with vast...
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    Mad Max: Fury Road

    Well I love Mel Gibson Mad Max films but we watched this and felt very disappointed. Its basically 2 hours of the same story. One way escaping, one way returning/escaping. I appreciated the awesome vehicles but it dragged on way to long and the lack of character development was abysmal...
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    Nintendo NX: Why Not Having An Optical Drive Could Potentially Work In The Big N’s Favor

    I think with the buying power to buy millions the cost of a 64gb flash card will be less than £10
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    Sweet spot SSD right now?

    I got a bx100 250gb for £53 this weekend. Definitely seems to be the sweet spot to me. Might pick up another next month.
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    Upgrade my 980 to a ti now or wait ?

    One nice thing is that a new monitor can inspire you to change your desk layout or make a little colour or style scheme. Maybe buy yourself a new mouse and keyboard to compliment it, or a new mouse mat or monitor stands. That way when you have spent money and had a tinker you can sit back and...
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    Upgrade my 980 to a ti now or wait ?

    New monitor definitely. 1440p will look significantly better than your current monitors and the 980 will still perform good enough to keep you satisfied. Upgrading your 980 won't actually give you any real visual treat. You will get a higher framerate but since you are maxing your games...
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    Best couriers?

    I think most couriers have been very similar for me. Its been a long time since I had any real issues with things. Was weird this week when a multi parcel order arrived over 2 days from DPD but thats not really something to upset me.
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    *** Official Dota 2 Thread ***

    The abusive nature is removed with about 5 clicks. Click your Scoreboard and then click Mute on all 4 players. Job done.
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    Sky Cancellations - Rage inducing.

    Turns out I spent £16 on my mobile phone bill cancelling. I thought it was included in my minutes. Guess not!. More rage lol.