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  1. Dempsey22

    Zee Sim Rig

    Not a SIM racer myself but this is an awesome build with great craftsmanship. What caught my eye more was the Ratrig. I badly want to build one but I'm thinking I'll have all the fun building it and when it's done I'll have nothing to print on it lol.
  2. Dempsey22

    15" cinema subs cost how much?!?!

    That's going back a long time ago lol. I won every SPL competition that I entered here in Ireland in my old VW Polo. That was back in the early 2000s. It had JL Audio E1800D Amplifiers X 4 JL Audio 15W3 Subs X 2 4 X Optima Yellowtop Batteries (Linked by brass buss bars runnings on split charge...
  3. Dempsey22

    New 3080 Installed. Yay! TW3 Restarting PC. Not yay

    Seasonic RMA is the most hassle free thing ever if you do it. I sent back an 850 focus plus gold back last year and according to RMA log it was received at 9.30am and at 10am there was a newer model 850w shipped with tracking number.
  4. Dempsey22

    Thoughts on Thermaltake P3

    I have the bigger version P5 mounted above my desk. Fully watercooled and it's perfect for my situation. Easy to build in and as said above just a regular TV bracket for it to mount.
  5. Dempsey22

    Dawn of Myth - Tick based web games.

    Dope wars I think I used play. That was great fun
  6. Dempsey22

    Insurance Question

    Id say it's just generalised. When I declared the mods on the supra they didn't ask me what size turbo or how much nitrous. On something like a remap, I can't see the insurance ever looking into it if the car was crashed. I doubt they be asking for the ECU to perform checks on it etc.
  7. Dempsey22

    Car Tax - Increases

    Dream car, that or the RS7. I looked in to both awhile back. Around 40k sterling for 2015 RS6. By the time it's registered here it costs 100k euro. Absolute joke so that dream ended quickly :cry:
  8. Dempsey22

    Car Tax - Increases would be what you're looking for. Ridiculously expensive over here. I'm looking at 2013 or 2014 M5 and a guy got onto me from UK who was selling his. I said no chance. It was 17k euro just to swap it from a UK plate onto an Irish plate, theres also 23% VAT ontop of the price I buy...
  9. Dempsey22

    Car Tax - Increases

    Thats Euros. So around 2k pounds to tax each car for the year. The supra is 27 years old and its been 1800 1500 euros a year for along time and creeps up every year. Edit: Wrong figure.
  10. Dempsey22

    Car Tax - Increases

    Im jealous. Its 2350 for the supra for the year. Audi is 280 thankfully but replacing that with M5 soon which is 2350 also. Rip off country.
  11. Dempsey22

    Show Us Your Motors!

    The daily while the supra is still undergoing a full custom wiring loom. Looking to replace this with an M5 soon as I got an offer I can't refuse on the A7.
  12. Dempsey22

    BMW and M Power Owners

    Report done I done the check earlier it didn't reveal anything I didn't already know. Cat N non structural. I also have 5 page independent engineer's report of the car which states everything checks out. No damage or sign of repair anywhere etc. Engine has been replaced to a high standard...
  13. Dempsey22

    BMW and M Power Owners

    I just got your alert from previous post as I posted mine. Perfect thanks. I'll get the UK reg and give it a check later on my break.
  14. Dempsey22

    BMW and M Power Owners

    It was brought in from UK as a cat N year or 2 ago. Engine replaced here and now it's being sold. Seller is up front with everything as hes the one who done it all etc. Folder full documents and photos regarding engine replacement. I just want to find out whether that's the reason it was cat n...
  15. Dempsey22

    BMW and M Power Owners

    Not what I asking I'm afraid. I've no issues buying a cat N car because usually it's just damage to things that can be replaced but are expensive af to do so. Im just querying whether a car in the UK would be a cat N due to blown engine? Are you saying there has to be more to it than a blown...
  16. Dempsey22

    BMW and M Power Owners

    Need some advice here. Currently looking at an F10 M5. Wanting to move on from the A7 as I am bored of it. The M5 I'm looking at is originally a UK car. I've been informed it's a Cat N Non structural damage car. The reason I'm being told it's a Cat N is because the engine was blown. It was...
  17. Dempsey22

    15" cinema subs cost how much?!?!

    This is quiet cool and something I was tempted to dabble into in the future. Brings me back to the old days when I used win trophy after trophy with my SPL car. Man I miss that car. In its prime it hit 167DB, shocked quite a lot of people.
  18. Dempsey22

    Do not use EKWB 90 degrees fittings!

    We got an extremely similar setup. P5 case with distro plate etc. I run all hardline Barrow fittings in my PCs for years. Never once had issue with them.
  19. Dempsey22

    Ender 3 Linear rail options?

    Let me know how hot the Z motor gets. Mine is super hot since switch to belt drive. I might add a heatsink if it makes difference.
  20. Dempsey22

    New Voron 2.4 Build

    If it ain't broke don't fix it :D I was told to print my parts for the belt drives z axis in Petg or stronger. I done it in PLA+ and have had many hours printing with no issue.