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  1. BGGLP

    Horizon: Forbidden West

    Anybody else hate the pop in/load in of the horizon/vista when you’re up high eg-up a mountain etc. I find it really immersion breaking tbh. It’s not huge but don’t remember it in HZD. It’s like the vista don't quite load quick enough for the camera pan. Though it’s not terrible it’s still...
  2. BGGLP

    Dying Light 2 - December 7th

    No HDR in 2022? Shocking!
  3. BGGLP

    I don't usually finish games but ...

    First one was amazing! Performance wasn’t great and had the black bars due to the forced aspect ratio (May now have been patched) but I thought it was a great game. Very scary too. Never actually finished the 2nd, I preferred the first one.
  4. BGGLP

    ** Official Returnal Thread **

    Finally got to biome 3 after 25.5 hrs.
  5. BGGLP

    ** Official Returnal Thread **

    thanks so much, will look for it next time I’m on!! Looked online and was really unclear. Really frustrating as kept losing all of my health. Hopefully will take this 2nd boss down then at some point soonish. Bloody game!! Lol
  6. BGGLP

    ** Official Returnal Thread **

    Is there a shortcut to the 2nd boss Ixion? Put about 23 hrs in now and still not past 2nd boss. Is there a way to shortcut to him, I’ll have an astronaut and loads of life etc but by the time I get to him I’m massively depleted due to all the enemies before. Finding the game really frustrating...
  7. BGGLP

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition - May 14th

    How do the Gfx compare to current generation games? Will they be off putting? Never played ME before.
  8. BGGLP

    Games you're playing, and games...

    Disappointing with the movement and feel of the game. Feels very floaty and like not much has improved from RE7 in that regard. Looks decent though.
  9. BGGLP

    Assassin's Creed - Valhalla

    Really disappointed with Digital Foundry for not picking this up tbh. They’ve done it a few times when recommending games for their graphics and then the HDR has been terrible due to being washed out with raised black levels. They must be in the pockets of devs too it seems.
  10. BGGLP

    Assassin's Creed - Valhalla

    Anybody else really unhappy with the black levels in this game? They seem to look really raised and therefore image looks washed out and grey in dark scenes. Really dissapointing as the last 2 AC had great HDR. Any fixes for this??
  11. BGGLP

    *The Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread*

    Finished Ghost of Tsushima last night (lethal difficulty). Wow what an incredible game. 10/10 from me. One of the best open-world games I’ve ever played. I didn’t think HZD would be topped for best open-world game of the PS4 gen but I think GOT topped it. Breathtaking visuals and the 60fps was...
  12. BGGLP

    Ghost of Tsushima - July 17th

    One of the best looking games I’ve ever played. Plays great too. 40 hrs in still loving it.
  13. BGGLP

    Ghost of Tsushima - July 17th

    I never thought any game would top HZD for the best open-world game of the PS4 era but I think this is going to. I’m amazed at how good it is and it looks stunning. On the 2nd map in act 2 after about 35 hrs and it still is blowing me away visually. Love the difficulty in lethal too, really...
  14. BGGLP

    Ghost of Tsushima - July 17th

    The world the devs created in this game is stunning! So easy to get lost in and the Gfx are breathtaking at times. Put about 25 hrs in now still on act 1. Just taking my time doing lots of side quests to level up as Lethal difficulty certainly is lethal haha. Loving it though! Runs beautifully...
  15. BGGLP

    The Last of Us Part II

    Totally agree! Even better on the 2nd play through. Incredible attention to detail and 2 of the best video games of all time for me. 1st was better but 2nd was still great.
  16. BGGLP

    Ghost of Tsushima - July 17th

    The colours are incredible. Some of the most vibrant I’ve ever seen in an open-world game.
  17. BGGLP

    Ghost of Tsushima - July 17th

    Yes I’ll probably regret upping the difficulty then! Once I start a difficulty I like to stick to it so will refuse to lower it haha.
  18. BGGLP

    Ghost of Tsushima - July 17th

    Picked this up yesterday. Started the campaign on hard and put about 4 hrs in but was finding it too easy. Started a new campaign on lethal and I’m finding the game so much better. Combat is brutal but way more satisfying as a result (you’re more powerful but so are the enemies). looks like...
  19. BGGLP

    Demon Souls PS5 Beginners Thread

    I’ve reached the Tower knight and can see my struggling as well as the long run past the dragon bridges etc isn’t exactly filling me with enthusiasm. So I thought I’d try another level but it says “this arch stone is sealed” on all of the other levels. Am I missing somethings? I read on here you...