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  1. OneZeoN

    Valve announces the SteamDeck

    If I buy a steam deck from someone else I'm I still covered with a warranty and can easily RMA the device if any issues??
  2. OneZeoN

    Valve announces the SteamDeck

    Cheers both. Yeah I want one bad but might wait until 64gb prices are under 500 and go for it.
  3. OneZeoN

    Valve announces the SteamDeck

    Is the steam deck worth getting at a higher price?? I stupidly didn't pre order but can get a new sealed 64gb deck for £640. I only have a series x and really want to play some pc games on steam store etc but it's either pay £350 in likely November onwards or pay the £640 and get the deck by...
  4. OneZeoN

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy S22 Family Thread ****

    I've just got the S22 Ultra and tbh...its incredible The camera is fantastic and the zoom up until around 30x zoom is crystal clear. The 100x zoom is fun and taking pics of the moon etc pretty cool. The s22+ seems a great choice too but the camera and the occasional use of the s pen means...
  5. OneZeoN

    *** Battlefield 2042 (Console) ***

    Ah OK that's good. I'll report back for sure Cheers
  6. OneZeoN

    *** Battlefield 2042 (Console) ***

    I'll try this too. I've played for 30-40 hours and it's consistently been a mess. The last 2 times I've gone to play I've spent 20 mins in failed loading screens and quit the game and played something else. This is NOT acceptable this far since launch. It's actually getting worse as early...
  7. OneZeoN

    Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition

    San andreas not unlocked in uk on xbox Changed to new Zealand and still not unlocked. Arrgggg
  8. OneZeoN

    *** Xbox Series X|S - General Discussion Thread ***

    Lol its really not I played 6 hours in 30fps and changed it to the 60fps mode for 1 hour. The clearly noticeable pop in made me swap it back and it's way better imo. 60fps is nice but the distraction by pop in and trees glitches is not worth it. 30fps seems stable and looks lovely
  9. OneZeoN

    Oculus Quest 2 Pro / Oculus Quest 3 Thread

    I presume it's because they didn't want it to impact sales showing a new quest...that's out in 6+ months I've just ordered a quest 128gb and delivered tomorrow...if I'd seen the new quest 3 (not the high end thing they semi showed) I'd have likely waited as see a new product actually existing...
  10. OneZeoN

    Oculus Quest 2 Pro / Oculus Quest 3 Thread

    Wow well I'm safe to buy a Quest 2 now No signs of a Gaming Quest and the new headset they showed is clearly high end. Quest 2 ordered!!
  11. OneZeoN

    Oculus Quest 2 Pro / Oculus Quest 3 Thread

    I'd hope Facebook do all they can to keep the main gaming version of the quest £500 or less. No point charging £500++ when they are trying to make it as accessible as possible. There's no chance buyers who are on the fence will buy at silly prices but find out tomorrow hopefully
  12. OneZeoN

    Oculus Quest 2 Pro / Oculus Quest 3 Thread

    Stop killing my dreams with sense ffs lol
  13. OneZeoN

    Oculus Quest 2 Pro / Oculus Quest 3 Thread

    While I agree I'm hoping it's sooner. I was ready to buy a quest 2 but seeing these leaks has made me decide to wait for this new one. I'd imagine once this connect is over the hype will be high and quest 2 sales low for a while. I'd love if they did an iPhone type reveal and say "pre order...
  14. OneZeoN

    *** Oculus Quest 2 Owners Thread ***

    Had a quest 2 on launch but sold it 9 months ago. Really miss playing vr so I'm waiting for this Facebook Connect event on Thursday before buying either a Quest 2 or hopefully a Quest 2+ if out this year. If its next year I think I'll get a quest 2 next week and can always sell it to upgrade...
  15. OneZeoN

    Official FIFA 22 Thread

    Oh yeah!! Thanks for the help
  16. OneZeoN

    Official FIFA 22 Thread

    How do you get the 10 hour trial on xbox?? I have pre ordered the game through fifa 21 and its downloaded ready for release. But when I click to play it says I'm too early. Do I need to download the direct MS store version!?
  17. OneZeoN

    Chivalry 2

    I love this game. paid £7 on release day and played way over 20 hours so far.
  18. OneZeoN

    *** Nintendo Switch ***

    Absolutely gutted no switch Pro news. I had the switch on launch and sold it after 6 months due to not using with job change. Now a switch would be great for me but I refuse to buy one when it's so old at this point and still full rrp. Was hoping for a switch Pro by Xmas and then catch up...
  19. OneZeoN

    E3 2021 - June 12 - 15

    Cheers that link with UK dates and times is handy
  20. OneZeoN

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition - May 14th

    Never played these and I only get 5-8 hours a week game time. Is it still worth buying???