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  1. nukem2011

    Quake II RTX

    my rtx 3080ti loves this game and sop do i
  2. nukem2011

    Far Cry 6

    this is the game i hope they do good on
  3. nukem2011

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    looks good
  4. nukem2011

    Call Of Duty: Vanguard

    does any one still play cod same old stuff
  5. nukem2011

    Total War: Warhammer 3

    its now coming 2022 as was coming next month
  6. nukem2011

    Co op games

    farcry 5 was fun coop
  7. nukem2011

    World War Z: Aftermath

    its nothing new and not as much fun as i hoped
  8. nukem2011

    Doom Eternal

    this game is so much fun runs so well
  9. nukem2011

    New World MMO

    the last beater was so bad so many bugs hopfully they fix it before 28th
  10. nukem2011

    Deep Rock Galactic - 1-4 Player Co-op

    game is very fun just shame does not like amd drivers
  11. nukem2011

    Alan Wake Remastered:

    they should give the game for free to people that all ready own it or heavy discount
  12. nukem2011

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone)

    was an amazing game
  13. nukem2011

    What vitamins do you take and why?

    cod liver and multi
  14. nukem2011

    Ryzen 2700 upgrade for 1440p with a 1080ti

    5900x would be a massive jump
  15. nukem2011

    Triple Monitors to What?

    i love the lg 34inc and a tablet for discord
  16. nukem2011

    5600X system to go with 3070 Ti

    i would got 5800x with 3070ti if it was me
  17. nukem2011

    Ryzen 5600X Cooler

    corsair aio would do the job
  18. nukem2011

    Is the KFA RTX 3080 TI HOF a good graphics card?

    it looks very cheap and plastic , i got the asus tuf 3080ti and its very cool and full load 68c with 2100rpm thats rays on as wel
  19. nukem2011

    petrol stations chaos

    when people panic buy it does not help anything silly
  20. nukem2011

    10GB vram enough for the 3080? Discuss..

    i got the 3080ti and running 3440 x 1440p and using between 6 and 9 gb of vram depending on the game fps games