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  1. Meridian

    Media Portrayals of Events

    Probably not. Legal Aid tapers until (IIRC) a salary of £28k per year, at which point you get none. The rule was also changed some years back whereby people found not guilty could claim legal costs back. Not any more. It's entirely possible to be found not guilty, but be completely bankrupt...
  2. Meridian

    Media Portrayals of Events

    That's the point of cars. The point of driving is to do what you said without killing someone.
  3. Meridian

    Media Portrayals of Events

    I would imagine the thinking is that: the lorry driver should have been driving with due care and attention. That includes looking for the unexpected. WE know she had stopped deliberately, but from the lorry driver's standpoint, he would assume that she had broken down. And he took no avoiding...
  4. Meridian

    Media Portrayals of Events

    First of all, the primary purpose of all media is to sell. Usually advertising space, but sell something. That means that any story will be twisted in such a way so as to maximise revenue. Second, it's a very long time since newspapers actually gathered news. That costs money. By and large they...
  5. Meridian

    Approved Used BMW Negotiating Advice Please?

    Arnold Clark do not negotiate. I'm pretty certain it's actually a rule there. I'm sure someone will pop in with: "I got them to drop £xx from the price", but loads of customer feedback agrees with me. Certainly over the last couple of years.
  6. Meridian

    Just gave blood again, do you?

    Brief worthy thread necro... Today was donation 801. At the current rate i will be nearly 67 before I reach 1000...
  7. Meridian

    Public service announcement: I'd forgotten how good A Farewell to Kings is

    They toured England for the Moving Pictures album, which I'm pretty certain was 1981. I'm think that's where I saw them as well.
  8. Meridian

    first movie you watched at the cinema

    As far as I remember (and I'm a very old man) it was Born Free, and I was 5 years old.
  9. Meridian

    how does death detection work?

    Not necessarily. I had a near-neighbour die some years ago, and everyone who noticed the smell thought it was much the same as always came from her house. She was dead at least five weeks before the body was discovered. Generally, it's owing money that gets your death noticed. In this case...
  10. Meridian

    What is fundamentally flawed on your car?

    The fact that the auto selector lever works the wrong way around: up for backwards, down for forwards. At least it's not as stupid as the console selectors where forwards is backwards and backwards is forwards.
  11. Meridian

    Flight compensation to be reduced (by a lot).

    No, it adds costs. That the airline decides to punish passengers rather than (say) managers (but reducing pay) or shareholders (by reducing dividends) is a decision, not the only possible result. And the purpose of the high cost is to make the airline think twice before delaying flights, rather...
  12. Meridian

    Flight compensation to be reduced (by a lot).

    For the airlines, yes. For the passengers, not so much. So do you work for an airline, because otherwise i can't see why you think it's so good?
  13. Meridian

    When poor and normal people get too much money, this is what happens

    This is what happens when street drugs get too cheap.
  14. Meridian

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    To be fair to the Tories, they actually believed that particular lie. I'm old enough to remember what the utilities were like before privatisation and they were rubbish. The Tories genuinely believe that privatisation is ALWAYS the answer, but it's ideology, not backed by any real evidence...
  15. Meridian

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    Politicians Lie Shock...
  16. Meridian

    Kids learning to drive - automatic only?

    This. While upper-end German cars tend to be autos, the vast majority of "normal" cars are manual. If they pass on auto then a lot of used car options are shut off. I'd also argue that driving a manual teaches you what the gears are doing. An auto isn't replacing manual, it;s just doing the work...
  17. Meridian

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    It would, he wouldn't. The problem with Corbyn wasn't his policies, it was him. And I'm not convinced that nationalised utilities is an idea who time has come. People would favour a tight rein, but not re-nationalisation I think. But as a couple of others have said about the current...
  18. Meridian

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    I wasn't aware there was such a thing as EU membership for individuals? Immigration policy for EU countries for people arriving from outside the EU is up to the country concerned surely? Although I don't know why I'm saying this, having seen your sig...
  19. Meridian

    Positive stuff Conservatives have achieved whilst in power?

    Politicians fail to carry out policy that would annoy their core voters while failing to attract any new ones shock.
  20. Meridian

    What book are you reading...

    Book four and Book five take place at the same time, but use different PoV characters. AFfG is deliberately slower than all the other books, because the author is stepping back to show what the War of Five Kings has done to Westeros and the common people (hence no Danaerys etc). Think of it as...