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  1. nemesisuk2

    Samsung Magician - Showing OCUK supplied drive as not genuine

    The latest is version 6.0.0
  2. nemesisuk2

    MSI AMD X370 Gaming Pro Mobo

    Latest bios on the board supports upto 3950x.
  3. nemesisuk2

    Any harm in unsupported CPU in motherboard? (Ryzen 3000 with x470)

    No harm at all it'll either boot or not.
  4. nemesisuk2

    **** The Official OnePlus 7/OnePlus 7 Pro Thread ****

    Ah I thought it was just me. Good to know I'm not going mad.
  5. nemesisuk2

    **** The Official OnePlus 7/OnePlus 7 Pro Thread ****

    No Just a 7T Pro from ThreeUK.
  6. nemesisuk2

    **** The Official OnePlus 7/OnePlus 7 Pro Thread ****

    Those not updating, try connecting to an Indian VPN and then checking for updates. Worked a treat for me and I'm now on 10.0.3 on my 7T Pro.
  7. nemesisuk2

    Faulty Graphics Card?

    Just had a 1080 behave like that. Turned out to be my 5-year-old Antec 750W
  8. nemesisuk2

    Windows update issue

    Have you tried a sfc /scannow and a dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth from an admin cmd prompt? And then tried that guide.
  9. nemesisuk2

    Windows update issue

    check this out for a possible fix
  10. nemesisuk2

    18 pin + 10 Pin connectors on PSU for 24 Pin ATX power help.

    So you use the cpu_2 for the 4 pin.
  11. nemesisuk2

    HELP!!! 1070ti issues

    Yes get them from and DDU can be grabbed from Guru3d
  12. nemesisuk2

    HELP!!! 1070ti issues

    Have you tried removing the drivers with DDU and then reinstalling them?
  13. nemesisuk2

    HELP!!! 1070ti issues

    Is DX12 enabled in the settings? If so disable it and use DX11
  14. nemesisuk2

    *** AMD "Zen" thread (inc AM4/APU discussion) ***

    All the Ryzen systems here, raise the soc with XMP. My Gaming K7 raises it to 1.1v and my Gaming Pro Carbon raises it to 1.150 DOHCP is XMP.
  15. nemesisuk2

    Hard drive dying?

    Admin CMD Prompt if the test comes back clean, I'd disable to pagefile, reboot and then reenable with recommended settings.
  16. nemesisuk2

    Do all AMD B450 mobos auto boost all cpus, or only the X versions?

    Yes the X models just boost higher, but you can just manually overclock if your cooling is good enough.
  17. nemesisuk2

    Help With Upgrading CPU

    Well R3 2200 is $100 mobo $70-100 and RAM around 80 or so for 8 gb