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  1. shadow_boxer

    What is fundamentally flawed on your car?

    W204 C63 Saloon 1. Interior build quality could be a from a 1990s Chinese plastic toy. Random creaks from all over the dash/centre console. The leather however is good quality and wears well. 2. Amount of fuel it uses! 2.1 - 60L fuel tank. Can empty a tank in less in 200 miles and that's day to...
  2. shadow_boxer

    Higher rate tax band - things to be aware of?

    Between £50k and £100k I don't think generally there is a huge amount to worry about especially if on PAYE that hasn't already been mentioned. Pensions, salary sacrifice schemes/benefits, child benefit would be main ones.
  3. shadow_boxer

    How are people affording cars?

    Healthcare is undoubtedly an outlier here. Sod all pay rises over the last 15 years. In the NHS we effectively have a single monopoly employer so until it collapses and gets privatised the vast majority (especially clinicians) are stuck with what we have!
  4. shadow_boxer

    Insane rent increase.

    We've not raised rental prices on our properties for a while now. We tend to leave them alone if the tenants are good but ultimately falling further behind market value. Will be increasing 5% across the board this year which we feel is more than reasonable. Will still below market value but...
  5. shadow_boxer

    Car Tax - Increases

    Yeah, happens every year.
  6. shadow_boxer

    AMG GT R - Der Tag

    Great pics! Out of interest did you test drive the GT S at all? Any thoughts on it? Obviously, it is a considerable step to up to the -R but just spent a little bit of time in one (possible replacement to a W204 C63) and I must admit I didn't get that sense of occasion from it. Admittedly it was...
  7. shadow_boxer

    *** The Car Cleaning Thread ***

    My C63 has chrome tips so I'm not exactly sure if care for black tips is any different. I tend to use a strong concentration APC and microfiber first. Autosol metal polish with 0000 steel wool with plenty of elbow grease! Still looking for a decent sealent for after but will tend to finish off...
  8. shadow_boxer

    Post Your Daily Encounter Pics Here

    Unfortunately no pic but an early morning drive into the Peak District, gorgeous Lizard Green 911 GT3RS. Simply stunning! Watching him pull from 90 was satisfying and sounded glorious! Plenty of nice motors out this morning.
  9. shadow_boxer

    Check your tyre pressures

    Try and do it about once a month too or before a nice/long drive.
  10. shadow_boxer

    **** Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Thread ****

    I bought the Hawk recently am massively impressed. I'm usually a tubeliner flyer with my VA but wanted something a little different. Set up with my hotas (Winwing Orion) am just in awe of how good it feels with a decent flight stick.
  11. shadow_boxer

    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021, Yas Island - Race 22

    What a joke.
  12. shadow_boxer

    30xx Series Founders Edition

    Mines still awaiting picking :(
  13. shadow_boxer

    30xx Series Founders Edition

  14. shadow_boxer

    30xx Series Founders Edition

    Thank you. In the past the same retailer cancelled a Black Friday deal on my 980ti due to a similar issue but a quick call sorted it and they honoured the price which was excellent.
  15. shadow_boxer

    30xx Series Founders Edition

    Thanks. No it came up with the usual Lloyds box and went though it self check process however the shipping and billing address were different. Time will tell!
  16. shadow_boxer

    30xx Series Founders Edition

    Any had the invoice update email. Mine states order placed with the green tick however payment is still awaiting authorisation? Is that normal?
  17. shadow_boxer

    30xx Series Founders Edition

    Omg. Wasn't even planning on getting a card this generation but then it flashed up. Hopefully bagged a 3080!
  18. shadow_boxer

    Stupid school rules/things you got told off for at school

    Saturday detention for missing games lessons.
  19. shadow_boxer

    What annoys you about your current car?

    W204 C63. Aside from the fact is drinks vpower for fun, the rattles and creaks from the centre console.
  20. shadow_boxer

    If you work from home what do you do?

    Good one! :rolleyes::D