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    **** Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Thread ****

    Update went smoothly, although I got the ‘insert game disc’ error for the first time. I just relaunched and all was ok. I have the MS Store Premium Deluxe version, so that was odd. There were a few updates available in the content manager as usual too.
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    **** Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Thread ****

    I’m going to be downloading sim update 8 this evening. Would be good hear how others get on with it. Also considering the new Heathrow scenery!
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    Speed test fine, downloads slow?

    Hi all, I have Virgin Media broadband, 200mbps. Downloads have been very slow on all devices from multiple sources this evening. However, the speed test is showing a full speed download and web browsing, video streaming etc is fine. I have tried changing the DNS servers to Google’s primary and...
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    Virgin Media Discussion Thread

    I also rcvd. a letter this morning saying prices are going up. The trouble is Virgin is my only option for fibre broadband unless I get an ADSL service, and even then the BT line to our house has not been used for over 25yrs.. so it would have to be recommissioned somehow, and I have no idea how...
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    Executive chair

    Hi all, I am considering a good quality 'executive' chair for work and gaming. I would like to go for this type of chair rather than a purely ergonomic chair as they are more comfortable/nicer to relax in. However, it would be nice to find one which also provides a basic degree of ergonomics...
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    Selling GPU to CEX

    That's efficient service from CeX! Not worth taking the risk on eBay with GPUs at the moment - at least not until the current climate changes.
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    Selling GPU to CEX

    That thought had crossed my mind.. I've had my card since new and only use it for gaming. I guess an advantage of the Ti (for me at least) is the hash rate limiter, so at least I would know its unlikely to have been used for mining. However, no guarantee the previous owner has not disassembled...
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    Windows 11 upgrade - Yay or Nay at the moment?

    I'm running W11 with no problems at all. You soon get used to the new start menu etc. If you have a Ryzen CPU make sure you're running the latest build and install the latest chipset drivers from the AMD website.
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    Selling GPU to CEX

    I'm debating selling my 3080 to CeX for the higher store credit value and buying a 3080 ti by paying the £260 difference. On the other hand it may be more sensible to save the money and put it towards a next gen card in 2022-23.
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    What Are the Chances of My Car Being Damaged?

    I would get it checked at a garage personally.. for piece of mind if anything else.
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    The RTX 3080 FE is still being sold in the UK, after all (edited)

    Was this always the case, or is this rule because of the current situation?
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    The RTX 3080 FE is still being sold in the UK, after all (edited)

    I have zero interest in mining. Just wondering if the in game performance increase of the ti would be worth the trade in +£260. I was lucky enough to get my 3080FE at RRP in the summer. I notice the said retailer include a 24 month warranty, so swapping my from new card with one of their used...
  13. OverDrive

    The RTX 3080 FE is still being sold in the UK, after all (edited)

    Oh yes! Of course - I forgot about the hash rate limiters on the later cards. Its making me wonder if trading in my 3808 FE for a 3080ti FE for £260 would be worth it?
  14. OverDrive

    The RTX 3080 FE is still being sold in the UK, after all (edited)

    Why are CeX offering less for the 3080ti than the 3080?
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    When is the pricing bubble going to burst?

    Delivery lead times on new cars seem to be improving progressively. My Dad ordered a new (factory order) top spec Nissan Qashqai in mid August and it arrived at the dealer last week. I mention that it's top spec because it no doubt has lots of semiconductor dependent gadgets in it. I know Mazda...
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    **** Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Thread ****

    GOTY edition out in 2 days!!! Who is looking forward to DX12? I'm really interested to see if it improves performance.
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    Do you use any sort of antivirus software?

    I just use Windows defender. I don't want to install any unnecessary bloatware. I don't think there is any need for anything else for home use. I imagine most AV companies make most of their sales through OEMs - New Dell computers always come pre-installed with McAfee for example - which then...
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    Windows 11 upgrade - Yay or Nay at the moment?

    I also did an in-situ upgrade - no issues at all.
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    WBAC Values

    I sold my MX-5 to Cazoo last week for £19,050. £50 more than what I paid for it in Jan 2019! It was a painless experience (aside from saying goodbye to my beloved MX-5) and they were very straightforward and easy to deal with. I wonder when we will see used prices get back to normal? Surely...
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    Mileage discrepancy from VOSA incorrect ?

    I always check that the mileage entry is correct after an MOT. I recall reading somewhere that a test centre has a window in which they can correct it if it's wrong - I don't think it's long though. Anyway, as everything else lines up - I would not worry about it.