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  1. OracIe

    Back and ready to build a new Rig

    FrenchTart: How did I talk of a competitor? I specifically didn't mention a competitor, I also added an OCUK link. Talk about mini Hitler syndrome.
  2. OracIe

    Help with a strange issue.

    I've read the above but still reckon its the PSU.
  3. OracIe

    Do you own one of these?

    Another Enthoo Pro M owner here, fantastic case for the price. Lots of features, panels are a bit flimsy but once it's all built its nice and sturdy. The window attracts dust like you wouldn't believe but this would be the situation with any windowed case - I suppose having 4 dogs and 3 cats...
  4. OracIe

    wtf!? humans, just wtf...

    This. Disgusting.
  5. OracIe

    Can GD do basic MathS? :p

    16 Edit: dang.
  6. OracIe

    Kayne West begs Mark Zuckerberg for $1bn

    This person is a complete kretin.
  7. OracIe

    980ti SLI PCI-E @x8/x8 & 5960x (50 lanes) WHY ?

    Doh? Also the 5960x has 40 lanes, not 50!
  8. OracIe

    How much debt are you in and what for?

    About 178k all in.
  9. OracIe

    X99 Gaming Build - Requesting Opinions

    It does, yes BUT what CPU are you planning on running? An -i7 5820K will support a maximum of 28 lanes, so if you're planning on using m.2 and SLI, think again - to get full speed for everything you'd need a minimum of an -i7 5930K as that can support up to 40 PCIE lanes. Each GPU will take...
  10. OracIe

    Corsair Link 4.0 User Review

    No he's not. I have an RM1000 and it does have a link port.
  11. OracIe

    X99 Gaming Build - Requesting Opinions

    Depends on your motherboard but usually the slots are numbered, look in the manual and it will tell you the optimum slots to use if not using all available slots! On mine for example (Going from memory here) - you would put 2 slots in the left hand side, 2 in the right if you were using 4*8GB...
  12. OracIe

    X99 Gaming Build - Requesting Opinions

    Yeah, I have an Asus X99 Pro with 8 slots. I went with these (x2), it suited my white and black build and the performance is great for the price. Quick money shot!
  13. OracIe

    Hydrographics & Cases?

    Yep! Never heard of it until I saw that vid! :eek:
  14. OracIe

    X99 Gaming Build - Requesting Opinions

    Yep, I went 32GB RAM as well, but it was more to do with my OCD and using up all the RAM slots! :eek: :rolleyes:
  15. OracIe

    My 205 Gtis

    Lovely. I had 2, a white 1.9 (H reg, Phase 1.5) and a red 1.6 (J reg, 1992 Phase 2) - I eventually put a 405 Mi16 in the 1.6 and had the rear beam rebuilt, really went to town on it. This makes me miss them! I did prefer my 306 GTi-6 though, it has to be said! My 1.9: My 1.6...
  16. OracIe

    ** Edifier Speakers are BACK !!! **

    Mine just got delivered, hooked them and just playing ACDC Thunderstruck - They're bloody marvellous!
  17. OracIe

    second card for physx??

    Nvidia control panel recognises 2 GPU's installed and is will use both to deliver grunt, whether you're using PhysX or not. At least that's how I read it.
  18. OracIe

    second card for physx??

    I happened to have a GTX 970 which I wasn't using, so in my new build I added it in to complement my Titan X, at the moment its set to "Dedicated to PhysX" - But I've not seen any difference (Surprise, surprise!) - however I can still use it as GPU power as well without using SLI.
  19. OracIe


    Looks like an Enthoo Pro M but with less flexibility!