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  1. King4aDay

    The **Now Eating** Thread

    Sure! I just made it up as I went along so you'll have to eyeball quantities. Meat mix is minced beef, very finely chopped onion and red pepper, garam masala, turmeric, fresh chilli, garlic and ginger, a little tomato paste to bind, tamarind, seasoning to taste. Flatbread dough was wholemeal...
  2. King4aDay

    The **Now Eating** Thread

    Made some keema style flatbreads this evening, they were great and ridiculously easy.
  3. King4aDay

    Driving is dead :(

    I had a lovely drive in the TVR with the roof down today and didn't get stuck behind anyone once I got out of town :)
  4. King4aDay

    Cordless Impact Wrench?

    Good deal, but that's a driver not a wrench!
  5. King4aDay

    Knife Thread

    They occasionally have promos where they give the honing rod away with knife purchases too so can always pick one up for free at a later date when you inevitably succumb to more knife lust!
  6. King4aDay

    Knife Thread

    Personally I'd get a strop instead of the honing rod. It's a decent enough rod but I get better results with a quick strop and no risk of scratching the pretty pretty knife :p
  7. King4aDay

    **** The Official Chinese Phones Thread ****

    M4 Pro pretty well reviewed and only £129 but I've not used one myself.
  8. King4aDay

    **** The Official Chinese Phones Thread ****

    Poco F3 will be on offer again tomorrow apparently Or the M4 Pro might be sufficient if she doesn't need 5g?
  9. King4aDay

    Knife Thread

    Not really, they're usually friction fit pretty tight and maybe epoxied too I guess. Given that it's never going anywhere near a dishwasher then unlikely to give an issue - pretty easy to re-handle too if ever needed. They're also lighter which moves the balance point forward which generally...
  10. King4aDay

    Knife Thread

    I've used cutting edge a few times, they're a really nice small family business. I like the look of the migaki Tsunehisa. I'm considering the 180 gyuto in this range as a birthday present for my Dad.
  11. King4aDay

    Gran Turismo 7

    Annoyingly mine is out of warranty now. Have read that sometimes it's just the springs that need replacing so will give that a go I guess.
  12. King4aDay

    Gran Turismo 7

    I think GT7 has broken my controller :p Installed it today for the first time, almost immediately both L2 and R2 started making an almighty rattle under heavy braking/acceleration, and I think the adaptive trigger on R2 has now given up entirely, as it's feeling noticeably lighter than L2!
  13. King4aDay

    So I've been given a bottle of mead

    Suckling pig, surely.
  14. King4aDay

    Thor: Love and Thunder

    I really really enjoyed the OTT nature of Ragnarok so I'm well up for this.
  15. King4aDay

    first movie you watched at the cinema

    Jurassic Park, mind was blown! I was 10 but we'd been living abroad so hadn't been before.
  16. King4aDay

    What is fundamentally flawed on your car?

    My TVR has room for either the spare wheel or the roof in the boot, but not both :p
  17. King4aDay

    Show me your crumpet

    Butter. Or very occasionally dipped in egg with a few chilli flakes and fried.
  18. King4aDay

    Your top 5 films (not judging, looking for options)

    Alien(s) The Hustler The Deer Hunter Apocalypse Now Matrix
  19. King4aDay

    Elden Ring

    Mine is in the post! Only just got started on HZD, one or the other is going to end up in the pile of shame.
  20. King4aDay

    Knife sharpening woes

    I don't know about softer steel, but my Japanese knives come up pretty good on a cheapo 1000/6000 stone in a few minutes. The first time I tried I definitely blunted the factory edge but a bit of practice goes a long way. My technique is pretty crappy and I just go by feel really, but can easily...