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  1. fish99

    Sim racers - what are you running?

    Just got back into sim racing after a few year break. Using my old G27 but man the noise and notchines is annoying. Would gladly get a T300/TX to replace it but there's no stock anywhere (apart from the ugly Ferrari 458 Italia version with the naff pedals). Hopefully OCUK get a delivery from...
  2. fish99

    Quick question about No Claims Discount

    Company I've just left is Quotemehappy, and now I've told them I'm not renewing they've sent me a letter saying I have "9 or more" years of NCD, which is BS because the document I provided when I joined them 4 years ago said I had 9 years, so they've effectively not given me any more years...
  3. fish99

    Quick question about No Claims Discount

    Ok, that's all good then. Thanks for the help.
  4. fish99

    Quick question about No Claims Discount

    Just a quick question about how NCD/NCB works with motor insurance. So I've been continually insured (with about 10 different insurers) for 15 years without making a claim, so in theory I have 15yrs NCD. So what happens when you switch insurers, and you old insurer only lists "9 yrs+" on their...
  5. fish99

    Alien: Isolation Collection £6.25

    ^You just need AI on Steam. I played this all the way through on my Rift about 2 weeks ago. Hands down the best and scariest VR experience so far, and one of the best gaming experiences I've had (also helps that I'm a fan of Alien). Having said all that maybe wait for a future update of...
  6. fish99

    Is a gtx 20xx Battlefield V redeem code redeemable on a gtx 1080ti?

    Can now confirm you don't need an RTX card to redeem the BFV/Anthem code (worked on a 1060M).
  7. fish99

    Is a gtx 20xx Battlefield V redeem code redeemable on a gtx 1080ti?

    I think the way you do it (assuming the buyer doesn't have an RTX card) is make a fresh Geforce Experience account, redeem the nvidia code using your RTX card, then you give that account to the buyer, who then uses that account to redeem the game(s) on Origin. I think that should work, but...
  8. fish99

    Is a gtx 20xx Battlefield V redeem code redeemable on a gtx 1080ti?

    Anyone know if it's OK to sell the nvidia Anthem/BFV keys (from a 2060) on the MM here? I haven't seen any for sale. I know it says in the T&C that an RTX card is required to activate, but there's ways around that.
  9. fish99

    Nvidia announces RTX 2060, more powerful than GTX 1070 Ti at $350

    Ok, fair enough, but IMO you shouldn't be buying a 2060 for raytracing or 4K. In 1440p in BFV the 2060 beats a 1070 by a good margin.
  10. fish99

    Nvidia announces RTX 2060, more powerful than GTX 1070 Ti at $350

    I dunno, I've looked at a bunch of reviews and don't see any evidence of the 2060 running out of vram with todays most demanding games, (edit: 4K aside which isn't really viable on a 2060 anyway). Admittedly that could change in a years time, but you can always sell it on.
  11. fish99

    So what do you buy now?

    I'm gonna stick with my GTX 1070 and wait a year for the RTX 2070 to hopefully get a bit cheaper. It's a shame because I wanted to play Witcher 3 on my 4K TV at 60fps, and I want Fallout 4 VR to run a bit better, but the prices being asked just aren't worth it IMO. It's not that I can't afford...
  12. fish99

    GPU prices go boom

    Kinda sad to see the progression of GPU prices. GTX 970 was £270, GTX 1070 was £370 and now RTX 2070 at £500+. That's not how it used to be when nvidia had competition, prices used to be stable from generation to generation. I remember paying around £180 for a 260, a 460, a 560 and a 660...
  13. fish99

    But Jensen, how fast is it ?

    Honestly I don't think that's true. The immersion in VR comes from the HMD cutting you off from your surroundings, from the head-tracking, and from the stereoscopic image, not from the fidelity of the visuals. Most VR versions of existing games have the details scaled back in an attempt to hit...
  14. fish99

    RTX Performance

    Yes the TI is faster at Raytracing, something like 45 TRays for the 2070, 60 TRays for the 2080 and 78 TRays for the 2080 TI (from memory). Of course it's not raytracing the whole game, it's hybrid raytracing, so it'll be used to add specific raytraced effects (like shadows or reflections) in...
  15. fish99

    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    No chance. Don't think I'll even be paying £500+ for a 2070.
  16. fish99

    Ram for new 8600K build

    Seems the Z370P D3 is listed on the QVL page for T-Force Vulcan @ 3200, so I should be good to go. Didn't occur to me that the ram manufacturers would do their own QVL.
  17. fish99

    Ram for new 8600K build

    Hi, Upgrading my PC. Already bought an i5-8600K, a Gigabyte Z370P D3 and looking for some ram. Don't want to spend a fortune so looking at cas 15 @ 3000 or cas 16 @ 3200. My question is - do I need to stress out over getting ram that's on the QVL? I was looking at this, which is the spec...
  18. fish99

    Website Visual Refresh (Report Bugs Here)

    Yeah there's no main menu on the homepage currently. Tried Ctrl-F5 and still not there under Firefox.
  19. fish99

    Destiny 2... It's a coming!

    The temptation to run out and buy this on PS4 is rather large right now :( (got PC pre-ordered from cd-keys).