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  1. gr1mey

    Modding a Coolermaster ATCS 200

    nice job on that one love it!! I have a couple of old atcs cases upstairs been toying with the idea of building a rig, so might just get modding and use one of them now - instead of buying new...!
  2. gr1mey

    Using Linux to breathe life into an old computer

    mint will be much less demanding than vista on your hardware. cpu-z the machine see what cpu is in there and go from there if its a single core intel with 1gb of memory go for the 32-bit version. it will probably pay off to try and beef the ram up a bit, wont cost much for some old pc3200 ddr!
  3. gr1mey

    Using Linux to breathe life into an old computer

    another vote for mint cinnamon. i recently installed it onto an old toshiba satellite only a celery 1.6ghz...bumped it up to 4gb of memory for £25 did a nice fresh install from a usb stick and it flies.
  4. gr1mey

    Building a custom loop for a friend - first time watercooling (experienced IT engineer)...

    agreed with others, dont bother watercooling the mobo, little advantage and takes away flow.
  5. gr1mey

    I9 and wait or i7 and buy now

    This man speaks the truth.
  6. gr1mey

    Whats the best 3 x 120mm rad?

    again thermochill pa 120.3 awesome rad.
  7. gr1mey

    Water cooling?(Yep, another one)

    cpu first then gfx is what i ran on a very high flow 1/2" based system. with adequate case ventilation I dont see any need for northbridge/ram/hdd water cooling.
  8. gr1mey

    Rude Tube C4 tonite

    Janice's laughter makes it...l
  9. gr1mey

    Rude Tube C4 tonite

    some middle aged american man dancing :o
  10. gr1mey

    Rude Tube C4 tonite

    OK It may be just me as a gamer but this has stuck with me for years as the most infamous internet clip of all time. Like I said maybe this is just for gamers... :confused:
  11. gr1mey

    Rude Tube C4 tonite

    wikipedia/youtube/google is your friend :) as quoted... " As old as the internet itself.... "
  12. gr1mey

    Rude Tube C4 tonite

    agreed it is a bit the same as the lenny henry, but apparently a countdown of the BEST EVER? however the AYBABTU classic wasnt included? noobs...? lol ;)
  13. gr1mey

    Rude Tube C4 tonite

    Just watched this, some very, very funny; and, classic clips... But, no AYBABTU???? :(
  14. gr1mey

    307bhp golf gti

  15. gr1mey

    External Water Cooling Box Project

    JFYI have used a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade at lowish speeds to cut a window into a P180 panel and it was very succesful... HTH
  16. gr1mey

    £6k Car Suggestion Please

    some sort of VAG 1.8T engine, and spend £400 or so on a remap to get around 200bhp is the only other option really...
  17. gr1mey

    Project: Need your thoughts/ideas

    u need a lcd screen or imon ultra on the front of that its just begging for itt! :)
  18. gr1mey

    My Silverstone ML01 Build [no 56k]

    32-bit edition. Temps are good, nothing is overclocked and its all stock cooling. The case has lots of mesh areas for good ventilation, one being directly above the CPU HSF.
  19. gr1mey

    Project: Need your thoughts/ideas

    order a piece of plate aluminium the correct size for your needs then all you have to do is use a jigsaw to cut the 5.25" bay openings and then drill a couple of holes for a power switch and the led's. not too hard to do, but it will take some time, if you wanna get into case modding you have...
  20. gr1mey

    Project: Need your thoughts/ideas

    nah make a new front bezel out of some aluminium plate. if you are gonna have 2 x 120mm fans towards the bottom of the case it kinda makes the kama bay idea redundant imo. I'd have a DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, Alphacool LCD / iMON Ultra, then your main boot drive inside a silentmaxx enclosure...