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  1. Corasik

    HDD case material?

    A smoke particle is bigger than the air gap between the disk and the read/write heads, a grain of dust would be like dropping a freight train infront of a hovercraft.... Hard drives heads literally float on a cusion of air generated by the spinning disks. If the heads hit something they can...
  2. Corasik

    i5 Temperatire reporting

    35 idle, to 61 load isnt that far out of the ordinary. But priming at 90+ sure is. I've not got my proper heatsink yet.. Trying to find a good air cooler for Asus P8P67 pro, (with corsair vengeance installed). Anyway, while I sort out a proper cooler, Im getting around 70c on the stock intel...
  3. Corasik

    i5 Temperatire reporting

    2.4Ghz sounds odd. Normally i5 and i7 clock down to 1.6Ghz. Any change of a screenshot of CPU-Z to show how its running!.
  4. Corasik

    Why no higher clockspeeds?

    There the multiple cores, but dont forget that the IPC has gone up too. So single threaded apps are still way faster on a modern processor than they were on a a P4. Sure you you take a very very simple instuction, such as an add, the highest clocked P4's actually did quite well. But for an...
  5. Corasik

    Cpu change

    Gains (at stock.. multiply by your overclock factor). 2180 - 7500 65NM -> 45NM, Newer process should overclock better, also it will be marginally faster even at the same clock speed. There were some slight tweaks to the core when they switched from 65Nm to 45Nm, although this is fairly...
  6. Corasik


    ADSL2+ can be quite problematical on any lines which cant support ADSL sync rates of 4Mbps or higher. It uses considerably higher frequency bands than ADSL and on longer lines these bands are normal unusable. There can be instances where long lines do work better on ADSL2+, but these are...
  7. Corasik

    Intel Warning over Tcase Temperature

    So, Whats the conclusion here. Firstly, its not possible that the safe Tjunct temperature is the same as the Max TCase temp. They are two very different things. So if a guy from Intel claimed that Tcase and "core temp" is the same thing.. well........... Secondly, its very true that the...
  8. Corasik

    Intel Warning over Tcase Temperature

    tCase is almost impossible to measure though, you have to embed a thermal probe into the heatsink, without breaking thermal conductivity!. Most of us use tJunct, using the internal probes of the processors. tJunct is a inverse measurement, with zero being the throttle point of the...
  9. Corasik

    Sony Playstation 1 as a dedicated CDP

    The Video DAC will have nothing to do with the sound.. and most likely the video dac is 10bit anyway!. In your own post you linked an article with details of the audio dac! The DAC used in most SCPH100x is an Ashahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) AK4309AVM. It is a 16 bit Stereo Delta-Sigma DAC...
  10. Corasik

    Q9650 vs i7 Series

    He means it's dead because sandy bridge is faster overall and cheaper than a socket 1366 i7 CPU. Sure the first gen i7 chips are good but unless they are on sale at half price just get a sandybridge
  11. Corasik

    Ivy Bridge to offer 20% Boost over Sandy Bridge ?

    Thats because although P4 had some interesting tech going on inside, clock for clock it was considerable worse than Pentium 3!.
  12. Corasik

    What was your first ever CPU?

    Z80A at 4Mhz. Commodore 64 used a 6510 @ 1Mhz, and the BBC Model B used a 6502 @ 2Mhz.
  13. Corasik

    hyperthreading ? is it reallu useful ??????

    That rumor has been flying around for the last 2-3 AMD cores!. Even Intel have some patents out on the concept of multicore single thread systems. Its just really hard to achieve in the real world. The whole reason that Hyperthreading is a good thing is that the individual cores are already...
  14. Corasik

    hyperthreading ? is it reallu useful ??????

    Each core is split into several different execution units, capable of logical, integer, floating point, and SSE instructions. There are several of each type of execution unit in each cpu core. Often a thread may be waiting for say an SSE instruction to be completed, and in the meanwhile the...
  15. Corasik

    AMD Bulldozer in April

    Whats so special about UEFI anyway, my Socket 775 intel board is done with POST in a couple of seconds from hitting the power button, and thats including the ACHI/Raid mode enabled. Once post is done, the windows bootup will take just the same time on a UEFI board or a BIOS board.... So...
  16. Corasik

    SSD boot times

    UEFI is overrated for desktops. Sure it might make a difference on servers, as some servers have seriously slow BIOS bootstraps. I have servers that take 20-30 seconds before they even bring up the first bios screens!. But my intel desktop board has checked the ram, found the hard drives, and...
  17. Corasik


    XP, Vista, 7.. They are all easy to switch between IDE and ACHI. XP/Vista just need a driver update, and reboot. Windows 7 just needs the drivers installing and a simple registry update, and then a reboot. Virtually no chance of hozing your install, and I am pretty certain that you always...
  18. Corasik

    Too close to 42" plasma?

    Its pretty hard to be "too big", or too close. You have to be sitting almost on top of the TV before it has a similar viewing angle/area as a real movie theatre, and its not like you have to keep craneing your neck from side to side to follow the action at the cinema. 42inch at 5ft, with a...
  19. Corasik

    Prescott temperature

    Remember though that TCase is only measureable with an external heat sensor mounted on the contact face of the heatsink (A custom job to say the least). Core temp is TJunct, which is generally at least 15 degrees higher than TCase. Early prescott chips built with the 90nm process could...
  20. Corasik

    Will we see 6Ghz cpu's?

    Most single threaded apps dont even make good use of the Core 2 Duo & i7's ability to run 4 instructions from 1 thread in parallel. Thats the nature of single threaded apps, they have too many branches, and dependancies, so there is a limit to how much resources you can throw at them, and hope...