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  1. Firegod

    DNS settings

    Cloudflare but with no malware. So and :)
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    The AMD Driver Thread

    22.5.1 Driver Version You can grab the drivers from here -
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    Starfield - Epic Space RPG by Bethesda

    Seems like a reoccuring theme nowadays. "Big" game gets announced, drum up excitement, drip feed little bits of info, artwork, etc then announce a delay because "we want to get it right / make it the best ever". Here's an idea, maybe you don't announce it until you're a bit further on in the...
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    *** GPU Hierarchy ***

    Thanks for putting this table together and sorry if it has been asked already, sometimes these threads decent into chaos. :cry: On average at 1440p techspot say the 3070 is only 13% faster. That's not enough to lump in...
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    ****The Official 5G Home Broadband Thread**** (Three/EE/Vodafone/etc)

    Probably best to reach out to the Three to see if there are any problems with their service. Especially if it is flicking between 4G+ and 4G as well. Perhaps there is an outage or work going on. How has connectivity been on your mobile phone to compare? Try the Three SIM in your phone and...
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    Why you SHOULD be using Firefox

    Edge is good but it does appear to become more bloated and cluttered. I do like it though (putting tabs to sleep is cool). But I've happily been using Firefox in Windows 11 and on Android 12 for a while now. Speed is quick, nice little customisations here and there, and it does what I need it...
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    ****The Official 5G Home Broadband Thread**** (Three/EE/Vodafone/etc)

    Updated my Orbi RBK752 kit to latest firmware this evening. Rebooted them along with the NR7101 outside on the roof. Updated my WiFi NIC drivers as well. Ran a quick speedtest and EE must have refreshed their hamsters at the same time, as this is the quickest I've seen.
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    ****The Official 5G Home Broadband Thread**** (Three/EE/Vodafone/etc)

    Having to refresh the web pages to get them to load fully could hopefully just be a DNS issue. Have you tried changing to perhaps cloudflare ( and and seeing if that helps? Are both the firmware and modem up-to-date...
  9. Firegod

    ISO-Puck mini

    Yeah they are a bit low - I need to have a rejig as I tbh they are a big speaker for a desk. :) If I can get some room sorted out then perhaps speaker stands would be a better solution.
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    ISO-Puck mini

    Wondering if anyone else uses these little bad boys under their speakers? I have a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 606 on my desk and thought I'd give these little mini Iso Acoustic pucks a try. Not thinking I'd hear any difference but OK, i'm impressed. I use my speakers all the time, music playing...
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    ****The Official 5G Home Broadband Thread**** (Three/EE/Vodafone/etc)

    Quite a bit of choice nowadays in 5G Routers, but not so much if you want external antenna - which I think is a shame - manufacturers should let consumers have a choice if they want to use this or not. Don't force it on consumers that you can't have it. You can also add to your list the Zyxel...
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    AMD RX 7900XT, 90% to 130% faster than 6900XT, MCM, Q4 2022.

    Crazy if the rasterization perforamnce shows mega gains again, I mean the 6000 series is no slouch at rasterization - I love my 6700XT for this reason. It munches games at 1440P. Ray Tracing obviously is a no no unless using FSR etc. Will be exciting to see what AMD delivers.
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    ****The Official 5G Home Broadband Thread**** (Three/EE/Vodafone/etc)

    @Journey waste of time. :) Went up today and popped the Three UK SIM in - got the same results as the Smarty SIM in the NR5101. Only LTE speeds (no 5G) even though Three UK say it is in my area and the map would agree. But yep, nothing. Back to EE. Hey ho, got to try these things I guess!
  14. Firegod

    Radeon Super Resolution - Experiences, Screenshots/Comparisons, FAQs etc

    Working fine here - I've been using it on, not what you'd call graphically beautiful or intense games, but working fine with Stellaris and XCOM 2. :p It's just nice to have it rendering slightly under and putting it back up. I can't tell the difference visually but nice to have even more FPS...
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    The AMD Driver Thread

    Also mentions Corrupted Windows® registry or system files in that link, so perhaps a quick run of SFC /scannow (elevated as admin) might be in order (as well as DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth). That'll help rule out local system corruption.
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    ****The Official 5G Home Broadband Thread**** (Three/EE/Vodafone/etc)

    I think if I was to re-try the Smarty SIM (which I still have) it may be as you say, the same. I think moving from the NR5101 to NR7101 will be the biggest factor here - now that I can lock in 4G towers of my choosing all whilst utilising a proper external antenna (whereas NR5101 was limited to...
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    ****The Official 5G Home Broadband Thread**** (Three/EE/Vodafone/etc)

    Aye I tried Smarty if you remember. :) It was dire! However that was when I was using the NR5101 and not the NR7101 outside. Perhaps the Three SIM will yield some better results. I went ahead with the Three SIM. :cry:
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    ****The Official 5G Home Broadband Thread**** (Three/EE/Vodafone/etc)

    Ooh! Three UK now have 5G in my area! I wonder if it would be worth a test to compare against EE. Looking at Three's bands I'm good for B1, B3, B20 and n77, n78. But no B32 (1,400Mhz) on the NR7101. Wonder if that would be an issue. Might try their Unlimited PAYG SIM for 20 quid.
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    CPUZ Benchmark (all welcome)

    My 5800X with AVX2 gets 778 single and 7546 on multi. If it helps. So just a tad less than your 1248 single and 14380 multi. lol. :)
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    Not ideal I know but going in the right direction. :) I can't wait to see the new GPUs too.