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  1. Azagoth

    Going back to WoW?

    Because, rather than understanding the fact that different people like different things and that some people enjoy playing WoW (myself included), it's easier for the simple-minded morons to just jump on the bandwagon and **** the game off. I particularly like the idiots who've never even played...
  2. Azagoth

    Craig Bellamy Coin Throwing guy

    Putting it all on a public forum and bragging about it. Not exactly the brightest bunch of cretins are they?
  3. Azagoth

    Tesco bans Pyjamas instore...

    What's wrong with the dirty ****s? Aren't they capable of having a shower, getting dressed and then going to the shops?
  4. Azagoth

    Does anyone here actually like Spam?

    OK, if "Chopped Shoulder of Pork (89%)" (just checked one of my tins), isn't meat then perhaps you could explain what it is.
  5. Azagoth

    Valentines ideas:

    Take her up it.
  6. Azagoth

    Does anyone here actually like Spam?

    Love it. Spam and Piccalilli butties are FT proverbial W!
  7. Azagoth

    JD Salinger dies.

    As did John Hinckly, but he only had two names so Ronald Reagan survived.
  8. Azagoth

    PS3 HD Lead or not !!!

    Are you seriously saying that you went out and bought a HDTV and a HD console yet didn't even think about buying the relevent cable to transfer the HD content from player to screen? Without the HDMI lead you're not actually watching HD content?
  9. Azagoth

    Are the BBC outing idiots?

    How do you know it's **** if you only watched 2 minutes?
  10. Azagoth

    ****Fresh random image thread (with rule addition)Every post MUST contain an image!****

    Now I'm drooling, Diane Kruger is just so ****ing hot.
  11. Azagoth

    prisoners earning qualifications whilst serving their sentence

    Do you know where the phrase "Screw" comes from in reference to prison guards? That's what I'd have them doing, but these days have them wired up to the prison's mains and get them generating their own electricity.
  12. Azagoth

    Nibiru..2012 the end?

    Probably because the LHC is a cover story, and in reality is generating a cloaking field around the Brown Dwarf by the way of gravimetric waveform tunnelling.
  13. Azagoth

    How to catch an iPhone thief

    Why didn't he just ask to borrow a phone at the airport and call his phone?
  14. Azagoth

    The All New Desktop Thread, Images No Larger Than 800x600

    In 1920x1200. :)
  15. Azagoth

    Is it dangerous to remove moles?

    Maglite and a shovel should see you fine.
  16. Azagoth

    Your Youtube Stats

    Videos Uploaded: 5 Video Views: 168,082 Favourites: 72 Channel Type: Channel Views: 1,201 Subscribers: 7 They keep asking if I want to sign up for a 'Partnership' and make money.
  17. Azagoth

    Nibiru..2012 the end?

    Oh right, because it's only NASA looking at the sky is it? How very silly of me to assume that other bodies, both professional and amateur, were also doing the same.
  18. Azagoth

    Nibiru..2012 the end?

    Have you heard of such technology as the telescope? These days they aren't just tubes and mirrors that sit on Earth, we also have them in space and those ones can see in all different wavelengths not just the visible.
  19. Azagoth

    What would you do if everyone just dissapeared?

    Break into No.10 and defecate on the cabinet room table.
  20. Azagoth

    Micheal Owen to become presenter of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

    Should work out fine, they'll probably give him 6 minutes at the end for his "...and finally story"!