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  1. Orcish-Horde

    Gay marriage for straight men.

    They don't need to if they don't want to as unwanted sexual acts are rape or sexual assult.
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    Why are we getting poorer every year?

    Locally for the last 20 years business after business has shifted it's production some where else cheaper and in turn reduced or ended all production. The bottom line is that economically that the lose of this production has reduced the economic ability of the UK, dress it up anyway we like...
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    The OcUK Relationship Counselling and Hugs Thread

    With Aspergers you will have problems with women I see, the problem you have is that due to the issues of ASD that you have, you will not be picking up on what the other person is thinking or expressing. You are having a great time so there for she is having a great time, I think what you are...
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    The OcUK Relationship Counselling and Hugs Thread

    Yes she was lashing out. You should have walked the first time she was unhappy with you when you both had had a great time. All the clinging demanding behavour was telling she had problems. The rest is just her breaking down you, a form of control. You need to go read all about BPD, she likely...
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    The OcUK Relationship Counselling and Hugs Thread

    I have and he is correct on what he is saying, BPD relationships end once you put the foot down and stop making things work. She was not testing you she is lashing out before(in her mind) something goes wrong, because that is what happens when things are going well or her mental health got the...
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    Zero spending, could you do it?

    With 4 daughters and christmas, I had to buy glue to fix my trainers. I can and have done so for years, but there is no point in doing so unless you have a long term goal and every penny counts. Life is too short to not set aside a little to treat yourself.
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    Ban new home sales to foreign nationals...

    They don't but he will play ball as they will be passing more money to launder, once that money stops then they have no claim. They money they send is worthless to them, the money he sends back has worth that can legally be used. The housing market is a money laundering scam, people think the UK...
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    Amazon vs Google

    Given I can't find my Fire stick controller i am really not that fussed but its a dirty move by both companies, local UK government should IP block both companies till they sort out their differences. It would be sorted within a week....
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    Sister emotionally blackmailed away mums pension

    Mothers will nearly always be more supportive of daughters than sons, talk to your mum and father, then leave them to get on with it. Your sister will have them turned against you in no time, she will have you down as lining them up for their will.
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    The OcUK Relationship Counselling and Hugs Thread

    Her new interest fell through and wanted you back based on her fear and will leave you when she finds a new interest?
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    Could Germany have won WW2?

    Battle of Britian, North Africa and Russia, luck is when events happens in your favour that you have no control over, as in the enemy. Once the war got going and all sides had time to respond Germany's luck was over, its why Hitler kept going for the big push, break through or super weapon. The...
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    Could Germany have won WW2?

    No, Germany got lucky early in the war, it was not until they were deep into Russia that they realised just what they had done. Russia had been building its forces and Germany had spent its strength by the time it was stopped close to Moscow. Germany lost to much of its man power to continue...
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    The OcUK Relationship Counselling and Hugs Thread

    Ooo forget what I said, been togetter for long? If not dump and run!
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    The OcUK Relationship Counselling and Hugs Thread

    Buy the bag and keep it till her birthday and don't let on, what you got for Christmas is what you got for Christmas and don't explain yourself.
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    Whats the difference from a Chip purchased in the US over EU ?

    Just fly from Dublin and if they pull you in just tell them you will sort things out with HMRC up north.
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    Migrants Fuel Population Boom

    If ever land became a shortage in the sense that the problem couldn't be solved by compulsory purchase order, there is always the option to dam and drain a large section of the Irish sea. There are so many other option that could solve the problem that it is not really a problem at all. Only...
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    *** The Official Xbox One Thread ***

    Yes, failures. Thanks
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    *** The Official Xbox One Thread ***

    Daughter would like an Xbox One s for christmas, are there any issues with them? Thanks.
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    Give up your spare room for a grand?

    You would end up with a frail OAP with health visitors in and out of your house all day or worse and an AOP with a history of sex offences that you can't throw out as you are tied up in contracts. Even worse a poisionous old hag that makes your life hell.
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    The OcUK Relationship Counselling and Hugs Thread

    Yes, that is very true but there are also insecurities about yourself that if you don't take time to normalise will case real problems in future relationships. Self worth as an example would be an insecurity that is very likely after a break up.