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  1. starscream

    Continuous shotting on a D70

    Have you put it in continuous shoot mode? :p
  2. starscream

    1st may voting

    Unless of course you were actually in need of any medical treatment ;)
  3. starscream

    Happy birthday Spie/Fatboy

    Happy birthday chaps. You share your bithday with Olyver Cromwells, Alpy Chino, Renny somethingorother, Elvis's mother and Tzycovski
  4. starscream

    Girlfriend held for suspected robbery

    Didn't think the police were doing gift vouchers. What do you spend it on, confiscated skag?
  5. starscream

    What would 400 Molborough Lites sell for?

    Swap them for 200 Marlboro reds?
  6. starscream

    R.I.P. Pyro

    I remember his posts from SC and he was a fantastic contributor. It's a real shame to hear about this :(
  7. starscream

    **** Official 2007 Award Results Thread ****

    D'oh :p Which sig won you the award? Not that one? :eek:
  8. starscream

    I think ive finally scared myself into stopping

    Hang on, so you actually were up £600? Sounds to me like you're on a winning streak at the mo. You don't want to quit on a winning streak?
  9. starscream

    Spec yourself a song...
  10. starscream

    Free eye test?

    You really should masterbate less
  11. starscream

    Loud bang from imersion heater....

    Oh, you'll also need a new 13a fuse ;)
  12. starscream

    Loud bang from imersion heater....

    OK, see that pipe to the left of the element on the tank (crap quality I know, but couldn't be bothered getting my 5D out!) make sure you attach a hose on to get the rest of the water out. You will definately need that immersion spanner to get the element out (mine was stuck on hard). Other than...
  13. starscream

    Loud bang from imersion heater....

    Like this?
  14. starscream

    They must be really desperate for Toy names!

    They come in handy to hang on to if you're playing Buckeroo
  15. starscream

    Loud bang from imersion heater....

    Yeah, but from the 80's version though :D Not sure why I went for that here really as it's different from other ones I use round the inteweb.
  16. starscream

    working with snakes...

    Masterbate in their coffee?
  17. starscream

    Loud bang from imersion heater....

    Not if the level of the water is above where the element goes in. I think there are 2 kinds, top loading and side loading. On mine, the element goes in pretty low so unless it was totally empty it would probably leak out. How do you mean?
  18. starscream

    Loud bang from imersion heater....

    Yeah that sounds about the right place. If I had done it myself what I would have missed is draining the last of the water with a hose from the tank even after the hot water is all gone. You don't want to end up with water everywhere ;) You'll also need a tool to unscrew the old element. It's...
  19. starscream

    Passport Photo Banned

    My sense of moral indignation? ;)