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  1. Morve

    Favorite James Bond Film?

    The spy who loved me or diamonds are forever are my favourites ,
  2. Morve

    ***The Official Guitar Thread***

    Thats right, the old printer style USB A to B cable, i bought a really long one so i can have it always connected , the GA-FC allows the switching of channels, also fx on /off , tap tempo , fx loop on/off etc, plus it allows you to connect a further 2 expression pedals, for example a wah and a...
  3. Morve

    ***The Official Guitar Thread***

    It's an amazing amp he'll love it, the app won't work on the 100 it's only for the air (wireless)series, but you can plug it in via USB and use the tone studio software which gives thousands of presets etc and is an amazing tool for deep editing , also recommend picking up the GA-FC footswitch...
  4. Morve

    Christmas Lights Problem

    LOL i saw that :cry:
  5. Morve

    The new Arsenal Club Thread - *No Spoilers & Read OP Before Posting*

    We Should have got tammy abraham, i think either gabriel or ramsdale to be captain
  6. Morve

    Christmas Lights Problem

    Amazon, its actually quite expensive,a 9ft Tree frame with the lights attached, worse case ill strip all the lights off and reattach new ones, im just sticking with the green and blue now, looks good as is :D
  7. Morve

    Christmas Lights Problem

    What a tool , maybe don't jump to conclusions next time? Anyway, if this is of use to anyone else i have found out that the way the circuit stays on is that the polarity is flipped to light each side
  8. Morve

    Christmas Lights Problem

    She was refunded for the item as they had none in stock to replace for her , so she got to keep it as well as a refund, hense the reason i am trying to fix it rather than throw it out
  9. Morve

    ***The Official Guitar Thread***

    Also for an excellent supply that doesn't break the bank the Harley Benton power plant iso-12 pro is great, all isolated only problem is it comes with an EU plug
  10. Morve

    ***The Official Guitar Thread***

    He should go on strictly with all that tap dancing! :) nice set up tho
  11. Morve

    Christmas Lights Problem

    Hi all, anyone got any ideas? my wife just bought an outside christmas tree frame with 600 led lights attached, Red,Green,Blue and yellow, But for some reason only the red and yellow leds were working , i checked the wires and could not see no obvious breaks , so i thought maybe the function...
  12. Morve

    ***The Official Guitar Thread***

    I never liked the Blackstar ID series could never get what i was after out of it, the fender gtx is a great amp but being fully digital it still has those digital quirks a lot like the peavey Vypyr, that's what great about the Katana being a class A/B
  13. Morve

    Julian Assange cannot be extradited

    Maybe they are doing a deal to protect Andrew going the other way?
  14. Morve

    *The Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread*

    At last Demons Souls is dropping in price!
  15. Morve

    Channel 4 HD, and All4, Coming Off Freesat Tomorrow.

    Now they need to bring back Eurotrash! lol
  16. Morve

    ***The Official Guitar Thread***

    Check out the Boss Katana, I've used loads of amps and effects over the years (still own 4 amps, 60+ effects, and 10+ multi effects) i have never seen an amp so versatile , you can get any tone out of it
  17. Morve

    Upcoming Concerts

    Me and a mate just booked 2 tickets to see the shark is broken next week in london, looking forward to it
  18. Morve

    Objections to Keir Starmer as PM?

    Its not that i dont like him as such, i think politics at this moment has no really strong leaders
  19. Morve

    What film did you watch last night?

    Christmas with the Kranks! 8/10 must have seen it about 10 times over the years , still good tho