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  1. smogsy

    SIFU - Streets of Rage meet John Wick meet Sekiro

    apparently some updates coming soon with more features like NG+, resetting your ability points, & fixing some of the insane boss curves but most of all , fixing bosses getting stuck in certain states where it impossible to kill them due to the moves there using
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    8f your running windows 10 or 11 gamma maybe due to windows issue it's known bug ms are trying to address
  3. smogsy

    Replacement monitor

    So my rig swift (pg27aq) 4k 60hz is starting to have major issues It's now my secondary monitor I need to replace it Need 24-27 inch 1080p+ 2 inputs dp/hdmi or 2 of either input Great viewing angle / ips
  4. smogsy

    Your experiences with EA Play?

    Ea play is a beta Ea as a company is alpha state Not had any issues with directing downloads to various ssds got games across 4 ssds. But to be honest ea is not even a good enough company to be on xbox game pass they don't reach even indie standards anymore. To be totally honest ea need...
  5. smogsy

    God of War

    from my perspective i agree i think the trouble is with HZD is * no character has emotion * faces are likeless & lip sync is awful * the story premises so far fetched The machined robots - awesome the combat - decent the detail to weaknesses etc - great its almost like HZD should be Ubisoft...
  6. smogsy

    What game is this HUD from?

    metal gear solid?
  7. smogsy

    Games you've invested >500 hours in

    CS:Source 1,000 TF2 - 800 hours Witcher - 500 (just) WoW - 900 coming up RDR2 - 372 hours AC:Odysessy 381h rocket league 300 hours Snow runner - 336 quickly catching all others
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    *** Microsoft Windows 11 Thoughts & Discussion Thread ***

    mine had no issues everything just worked
  9. smogsy

    *** Microsoft Windows 11 Thoughts & Discussion Thread ***

    doing some testing & need to test in all browsers, locally although edge is far better than chrome from my few weeks of using it * its on par with brave for blocking crap now has same standard/strict blocking popups etc * far better at memory management than both brave/chrome/firefox few hours...
  10. smogsy

    *** Microsoft Windows 11 Thoughts & Discussion Thread ***

    you mean this? mine looks like this (added in PID,process name) with 2 clicks.
  11. smogsy

    God of War

    No issue running at 4k maxed on 5900x 3090 and 32gb ram not one crash in all tone I've played
  12. smogsy

    *** Microsoft Windows 11 Thoughts & Discussion Thread ***

    curious what does it complicate? everything is is the same place & if you want core setup its just right click sort by cores
  13. smogsy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    i7 6820 is very different to a 2500 series thats 4 generations on its own
  14. smogsy

    PSA - DS1, 2, 3 and Elden Ring critical vulnerability

    it wouldn't pick up Every issue but it would pick up some of the console vulnerabilities in the last few years & it would 100% pick up game companies leaving Network ports like 9530-12000 open without Authentication from a trusted source looking at you COD, EA in general At least it would...
  15. smogsy

    PSA - DS1, 2, 3 and Elden Ring critical vulnerability

    another reason for all software including Games to go through full security compliance by A/Multiple trusted authority before release. Google/MS/Apple are planning to do just this for the web But we need it for software as whole we do it at our company with software with 20 million+ lines of...
  16. smogsy

    God of War

    one thing this is missing is fullscreen support so i could try out DLDSR! :(
  17. smogsy

    2nd touchscreen monitor, use it for 'keyboard' shortcuts??

    making a Shortcut program would take about 30 minutes for a developer, to design, build ,test & deploy what sort of shortcuts would you want? web links app links macros? & what Operation system would it need to support? because of most of this could be done in Web app depending on shortcut...
  18. smogsy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Perfectly fine to say that I agree, but you cannot say RDR2 runs perfectly fine in one sentence then in the next say I refunded it due to CTD issues. then clearly it dont run perfectly fine.
  19. smogsy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    clearly it doesnt. RDR2 runs totally fine. I'm running on High/Ultra for almost every setting barring shadows at 55fps in St.Denis, which I am more than happy with. I reached the end of Chapter 2 before I concluded that I lost too much time to random CTD's to bother continuing. So I've moved...