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  1. andshrew

    Retro mini consoles question!?

    They are almost all Linux based using software emulation. Some of them use proprietary emulators while others use existing open-sourced emulators. If you want FPGA I believe you either build it yourself through the MiSTer project, or if you want something which just works with original games...
  2. andshrew

    Github & Chrome Extensions

    The group policies are just registry entries behind the scenes so I think in theory as long as you're using the Pro or Enterprise version of Windows you should just be able to deploy the registry keys via whatever management tool you have to set this on them. For example look at...
  3. andshrew

    Github & Chrome Extensions

    Are you talking about the NHS Smartcard Chrome extension which enables web apps to authenticate via your smartcard? If so they have a step-by-step guide which explains how you deploy it using the Chrome Group Policy setting to automatically install an extension. From memory it's a one liner you...
  4. andshrew

    Good backup software that supports webdev

    You should probably check the T&Cs of your "unlimited" storage before you start filling it with data unrelated to your web site.
  5. andshrew

    *** Microsoft Windows 11 Thoughts & Discussion Thread ***

    For the past several years Windows has received two feature updates per year, so you're looking at an update around May at the earliest for any changes to how the taskbar buttons currently work. The second update comes around October. They don't generally make UI/functionality changes outside of...
  6. andshrew

    Windows 11 and Ryzen 1700x - will it ever be supported?

    What's the hurry for upgrading a system like this? While you can bypass all of the requirement checks and install Windows 11 I don't really see the point if its going to leave you in a technically unsupported state. Unless you have modern hardware which benefits from new features in Windows 11...
  7. andshrew

    Windows 3.11 vs Windows for Workgroups 3.1

    The only difference was that it just included built in networking support as far as I know. Might be better asking over in the Retro Computer section
  8. andshrew

    Windows 11 file loss

    If by default music folder you mean the folders in C:\Users\Default then these are system tier folders which are used as part of the process for building a new user profile when someone logs on to a computer for the first time - they're not there for you to be storing personal data in. So as I...
  9. andshrew

    Windows 11 file loss

    It's not really clear exactly what you've done, if you redirected them they should be wherever you redirected them too still. But if you're saying you redirected them into the default profile in C:\Users\Default it's quite possible that folder is overwritten during the upgrade process as it...
  10. andshrew

    *** The Official Alder Lake owners thread ***

    That was it. All working fine now after doing the update, thanks :)
  11. andshrew

    *** The Official Alder Lake owners thread ***

    Just built a system using the MSI Tomahawk and a 12600k, got a weird issue where during POST and in the BIOS I only get video output via the onboard GPU. Once it boots to Windows then video output via a 1070 GPU works fine. Not seeing any obvious setting in the BIOS, any one got any ideas?
  12. andshrew

    Windows 11 time spy results a bit of a shock

    There's too little information to go off really, but your current score is under the average score for your hardware according to the 3D Mark results search so I'd suggest your old installation was under performing (maybe you're now using a driver which is better optimised for this benchmark...
  13. andshrew

    Windows 11 Taskbar Never Combine

    In terms of it officially making a return you're probably looking at April or May next year at the earliest before the first feature-type release is out for 11. That's assuming they're even intending on bringing it back.
  14. andshrew

    Home Hypervisor Hardware Help

    Depending on exactly what you want to do and how much of it you want to do concurrently you might find you don't actually need lots of dedicated hardware. I'm able to do almost all of my homelab work directly from my Windows workstation using VMware Workstation. The most important thing being...
  15. andshrew

    Old Windows 10 hard drive - access C:Users folder

    Check you have show hidden files enabled (them being hidden is not a standard configuration though). Otherwise if you’ve taken ownership and given yourself permissions on the folders and they still appear empty then the files have been deleted and data recovery software would be your only option.
  16. andshrew

    Res Evil Code Veronica X - do i play it now?

    I most recently used, they do instant delivery and didn't charge a markup on the $ price.
  17. andshrew

    Res Evil Code Veronica X - do i play it now?

    If you have a PS3 or an Xbox then they released a "HD" port which is probably the best way to play the game. The version on the PS4 store is the original PS2 release, and if you buy off the UK store you get the unoptimised PAL release so it runs slower than the game is supposed to. If you...
  18. andshrew

    [HELP] Explorer suddenly very slow but comes and goes?

    For the logon stuff you could just manually kill the processes it says are being launched on logon, otherwise you’d have to at least log off and back on again to see the difference. Another alternative - especially if the issue is only intermittent - would be to create a process monitor capture...
  19. andshrew

    [HELP] Explorer suddenly very slow but comes and goes?

    This kind of slowness is often caused by bad shell extensions. You can use something like to show what you have configured at the moment, then you could work through disabling them one at a time until you find the problem one...
  20. andshrew

    PS5 External SSD Testing: SATA vs NVMe vs Hard Drive - Back-Compat Titles + Read/Write Speed Tests!

    They know the throughput specifications for PCI Express 4, and they know the internal storage performance they were able to design probably some 12-18 months ago. Things are always moving forward so it is inevitable that storage vendors will release NVME drives which can take advantage of this...