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  1. stuie

    Thinking about buying a secretlabs..

    Yeah it doesn't need a review just a pic on social media. Genuine review of the titan pu amber edition after 18m The good With just a wash with a damp cloth and some leather balm every 6 month it still looks new The original firm seat has softened up brilliantly it's still firm but feels nice...
  2. stuie

    KeyCap Compatibility

    After many years of service my Ducky Shine 3 keys are starting to look a bit warn and are in need of replacements just spoted these on the site Obviously they only specify...
  3. stuie

    Simplest way to get free view HD in our bedroom?

    Are you sure its the built in freeview causing the problem and not low or degrading signal coming from your aerial
  4. stuie

    Best place to get a windows 10 pro key?
  5. stuie

    Graphics card prices?

    Retailers should be forced to display msrp on their products
  6. stuie

    Ryzen 7 5800 temperatures

    did you take the plastic off the cooler bottom?
  7. stuie

    *** New Halberd Gaming Desks ***

    Cyberpunk 2077 would be my vote, overpriced unplayable game perfect for overpriced desks
  8. stuie

    Wow, Nvidia have banned Hardware Unboxed from receiving review samples...

    What would be brilliant is if all the big content creators eg linus GN Jay etc grouped together and boycotted reviewing the next nvidia card. It won't happen as they make too much off day 1 reviews
  9. stuie

    Wow, Nvidia have banned Hardware Unboxed from receiving review samples...

    Last nvidia card i buy. Building a new rig next year will now be all red. Not a fan boy just don't like to give my money to cocks
  10. stuie

    AKG 612 Pro Replacement

    ripped it open and resoldered the connection. Was fiddly and ive now got some burnt plastic but its hidden and has saved a few quid
  11. stuie

    AKG 612 Pro Replacement

    Left side have has started to develop what I believe is a cable fault. Could probably replace and resolder with enough time and effort but the wifes given me the green light for something new so why not. would like a similar sound if possible whats current?
  12. stuie

    *The Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread*

    Ive given up, tried JL this morning got as far as check out but then it failed to load and cleared my basket. Amazon never saw any go live despite mashing f5 from 11:58 Gonna go price up a gaming rig instead although I suspect none of that will be in stock either
  13. stuie

    Forums slow on a product launch day... again?

    Its all the copy and past threads for ***GFX Cards Cheap as Chips, ony 3 Mortgages required Pay Now Delivery in 6 Months If We Get Stock Buy Buy Buy For Tomorrow We Increase The Prices******
  14. stuie

    Golf Thread

  15. stuie

    Sticky Ducky

    My now aging shine 3 has started to develop intermittent issues. Is it just a case of strip it down and clean it or time for a replacement intermittently it failes to register some keys other times it sticks so ill get key repeats. Thoughts?
  16. stuie

    How to/best way to clean inside of PC?

    pressure washer, karcher do some good ones
  17. stuie

    Golf Thread

    new world handicap system has gone live today. Im now off 8.4
  18. stuie

    Users with Intel Xeon W-3175X.

    I was just trying to offer an explanation for the comments, Do the metrics add up probably not and even if they did it would probably be minor percentages while testing thousands or 10's of thousands of chips over years. Id expect a £100,000 ferrari to be faster than a 50k bmw, real world...
  19. stuie

    Users with Intel Xeon W-3175X.

    In fairness to 8packs comment, I too would expect xeon to be more stable than TR but then I'd also expect it to be more stable than an I-series cpu too, I'd also expect epyc to be more stable than TR and I series. Server grade cpu's with eec ram and boards should be more stable. Thats not to say...
  20. stuie

    Custom loop temps

    water temps are the real indicator however I dont think a single 240 rad is enough for that setup