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  1. xtal191

    The Sony WH1000xm4 Thread!

    No release date yet but images of them have leaked More here
  2. xtal191

    Sound BlasterX G6 vs Sound Blaster X3

    I have the G6, got the b-stock from their official site for a good price. Its a great piece of kit and I'm sure the X3 would be too but if I was buying a new DAC today I'd 100% get the iFi ZEN DAC V2. To be honest I'd only consider the G6 or X3 if you're going for b-stock, great value at that price
  3. xtal191

    Horizon: Forbidden West

    This happened me last night, went pretty much unplayable but I just loaded up the previous save and it was fixed
  4. xtal191

    The last game you completed, and rating (Console Edition)

    Playing through this at the moment, how long did that take you?
  5. xtal191

    *The Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread*

    Is PS Plus worth getting if I've no interest in online gaming?
  6. xtal191

    LG 48CX OLED - 4K 120 Hz

    Anyone recommend a 5m HDMI cable? Have a my PC and monitor in one corner and wouldn't mind hooking the PC up to the OLED the odd time for games
  7. xtal191

    Disco Elysium

    What voice options do people recommend playing with? Full, Psychological, or Classic?
  8. xtal191

    Sennheiser HD 650 - anything else to consider

    Look up some reviews of the Sennheiser 560S, they're cheaper than the 6 series but a lot would say they're on par or better. You may as well consider the 600 and 6xx too
  9. xtal191

    New Trainers

    Anyone here in Ireland order from StockX? What kinda custom fees etc are we looking at? Cheers
  10. xtal191

    **** The Official Chinese Phones Thread ****

    Any recommendations on an upgrade from a OnePlus 7T? Was tempted to just get a Pixel 4a 5G I've had the OnePlus 1, 3T, 6 and 7T but I think I'm finally done with them as a company, they seem to get buggier with every release and imo there phones aren't worth the money anymore
  11. xtal191

    New Trainers

    Yeah I read about going half size down but went TTS, they would've been too small if I did. You're right about the price, got mine for about £100 too, great price and I'd highly recommend them if they're on sale but I'd never pay retail for them.
  12. xtal191

    New Trainers

    These and Nike Overreact are the most comfortable trainers I've ever worn, even above Ultraboosts but they're not durable at all. Only wear them walking the dog for about an hour a day and the first pair got a hole in the side after about 3 months, second pair looks to be going the same way too...
  13. xtal191

    *** Xbox Series X|S - General Discussion Thread ***

    Anyone see any good deals on controllers?
  14. xtal191

    *** Xbox Series X|S - General Discussion Thread ***

    Lucked out and got a 6800 from AMD yesterday, dunno if there's any point keeping my Series X now
  15. xtal191

    The Radeon RX 6800 (XT) Owners Thread.

    Somehow got a 6800 on AMD today, would a Corsair RM650x be good enough for it?
  16. xtal191

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    Just out or curiosity, what was the price on the site and the final price you paid with taxes etc?
  17. xtal191

    *** Cyberpunk 2077 ***

    Thats cause a huge amount of people are idiots and they'll fall for any kinda flashy marketing, its not just games its with absolutely everything. Its just gonna get worse and worse imo, especially with all these paid "influencers" pushing rubbish on younger generations
  18. xtal191

    what headphones do you own thread - i own dt150's :)

    Anyone here have the HD 560s? How would you rate them? I was gonna go for the 58x but they'd take ages to arrive and with import fees etc they'll probably work out more expensive
  19. xtal191

    what headphones do you own thread - i own dt150's :)

    FiiO BTR5 or EarStudio ES100