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  1. Nemesis379

    Trading the stockmarket (NO Referrals)

    Apologies if this has been asked a thousand times but what platform do you guys use? I’ve looked at a couple just wanted some opinions.
  2. Nemesis379

    House mortgage: Gifted Deposit + General query

    Hello all, Basically me and my partner are looking at buying our first house and my partners uncle (not related by blood) wants to gift us 10k towards the deposit (total deposit will be 30k). My query is do we have to get a solicitor to write up a letter stating it’s a gift or can he just...
  3. Nemesis379

    Honda CR-V what to look for?

    This could be of use:
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    New Corolla Estate opinions / alternatives?

    I know prices for all cars have gone crazy because of the chip shortage, it's meant to get better mid 2022 (apparently). I even thought about selling the car for a fair bit of profit but every other car I look at doesn't seem the worth the price (because it isn't lol).
  5. Nemesis379

    New Corolla Estate opinions / alternatives?

    I went from a SEAT Ateca 1.5L Auto which was 19 plate but had issues with (couldn't get resolved) so I sold it. I then purchased a Toyota Corolla Estate 2.0L Excel Hybrid 19 plate for £18.6k (nearly a year ago) luckily it had only 14k miles on it, and since owning it nearly a year, I've done...
  6. Nemesis379

    Car bumped me, no damage should I report to insurance?

    The way she zoomed off I doubt she had time to take my number plate, from what I can see there’s no damage, see video below. Left side is rear bumper.
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    Car bumped me, no damage should I report to insurance?

    Here goes… So the other day around 5am minding my open business on my way to work I come to a halt at red light with a car in front and a car behind, the light changes to amber then green the front car starts to move and before I can even press my pedal she accelerates into the back of me with...
  8. Nemesis379

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    First car (Seat Ateca 1.5 TSI EVO SE Technology) purchase ever (first baby) a lot of firsts this and end of last year. p.s. that is my Grandad behind the wheel :D
  9. Nemesis379

    Antec launches P10 FLUX chassis

    Looks quite good, minimal and looks like its aimed towards more silence by the looks of things. As you did say their cases can be hit or miss which is true hopefully they keep improving!
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    P600S the best case for cooling/airflow? Recommendations please.

  11. Nemesis379

    Storage Case for minimum 8 HDDs

    Define 7?
  12. Nemesis379

    Looking for a Subwoofer + Amp, any help appreciated

    I know, I know I'm sorry for the miss-direction. Thank you for your input.
  13. Nemesis379

    Looking for a Subwoofer + Amp, any help appreciated

    Originally I did want to just upgrade the amp but now the more I think of it I'm better off future proofing and saving up. At least for many months and go for something decent like Denon AVC-X3700H AV Amplifier and Q Acoustics 3010i Plus 5.1 Cinema Pack and stick with what I have now. I...
  14. Nemesis379

    Looking for a Subwoofer + Amp, any help appreciated

    Thanks for all your inputs, esp Lucid, think I'm gonna save up a bit longer, and probably go for used a Denon AV Receiver and BK Sub. Cheers all!
  15. Nemesis379

    Looking for a Subwoofer + Amp, any help appreciated

    Hello all, I currently have SMSL SA-50 with a Pair of Tannoy MX1 which I love. Anyway I'm upgrading my TV, and would like to add a subwoofer and upgrade the AMP. I would like the AMP to connect to TV. I'm looking at spending max £150 on a subwoofer and £200 on a amp if there's anything worth...
  16. Nemesis379

    LG CX (C10) OLED 2020 Thread

    Awesome! JL it is then, when they have them in-stock. I recently purchased a "Invision Ultra Strong TV Wall Bracket Mount Double Arm Tilt & Swivel for 37-70 Inch", I won't be buying my TV LG CX65 until November does anyone know how much I need to offset the bracket so It's center ?
  17. Nemesis379

    LG CX (C10) OLED 2020 Thread

    Best place to buy the 65” CX with regards to screen burn in etc? Took me 3 TVs before I settled on my current Panasonic TV a number of years ago.
  18. Nemesis379

    Your experience with OLED burn-in

    Is this with care and repair? Thanks
  19. Nemesis379

    Performance / noise 120mm fans
  20. Nemesis379


    0.5ms? haven't seen that before. Edit: AG251FZ2E Tags under title states 1ms.