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  1. Chugz


    If we need to RMA the Palit within 2 years, can we return it to OcUK, or does this have to go to Palit directly?
  2. Chugz

    Kryonaut abrasive??

    MX-4 has never let me down, probably because I have a massive tube of it! They use a similar process of carbon particles, but I don't know if the carbon pieces are bigger or not.
  3. Chugz

    Kryonaut abrasive??

    Same thing happened to me, completely scratched my IHS on my 6950X, really annoyed, at least it's not in the middle of the IHS, but it looks horrible. Resale value gone down the pan?
  4. Chugz

    The last game you completed, and rating.

    Not to mention that the devs really do care about the game, especially with the free content they released last year.
  5. Chugz

    What causes this?

    That may be an issue between the AMD driver and Chrome, I've seen it mentioned before on the AMD forums. Does it happen in other apps too?
  6. Chugz

    Some Graphic Help

    A single TITAN XP should be able to handle most games at 4K 60fps, going from a single GPU to SLI is quite a different experience, and not all games have good SLI support.
  7. Chugz

    m2 SDD not detected Page 93 and 94, try setting "Force_M2_2"
  8. Chugz

    *** PC Gaming - Daily Deals Thread ***

    Is Just Cause 3 worth a punt at this price?
  9. Chugz

    Receiving damaged item - twice

    All that ends well I suppose?
  10. Chugz

    How does this PC build look?

    Use Eraser: Select Erase Disk/Drive, and be very careful to select the SSD, the partitions below the disk will let you see which one the SSD is. Let that wipe for a few seconds, then cancel it. Press Win+R and type in "diskmgmt.msc". When it prompts you to select MBR or...
  11. Chugz

    i need to upgrade asap want to know which is best out of these 2

    I'd go with the Ryzen 5 1600 if you're just looking at casual gaming. Any RAM at 2400MHz or higher should be fine for Ryzen. I'd recommend the Gigabyte Windforce edition...
  12. Chugz

    Advice on wiping HDD's for a Charity so they can be resold?

    The irony is lost on me.
  13. Chugz

    *** VPN Thread ***

    Another one for NordVPN, they also have a flash sale on now.
  14. Chugz

    Upgrade Advice - AMD or Intel

    Now we just have to wish that a new cryptocurrency which works well only on CPUs doesn't come out and inflate the prices of CPUs. :D
  15. Chugz

    portable battery charger ?

    Does your 12V socket stay powered when the ignition is off, or do you have your dashcam hardwired in?
  16. Chugz

    Wiper stuck to windscreen :(

    You use your hands to scrape the ice off the windscreen? :eek:
  17. Chugz

    i7 5820k, upgrade or hold off?

    The 5820K is still a great CPU to use, you won't be gaining a lot by swapping to the new CPUs, unless you go for some of the more insane Intel X CPUs or Threadripper.
  18. Chugz

    What's my max voltages

    Might also be worth increasing the power limit/target on the RX 580, but it will increase temps if you were power throttled before.
  19. Chugz

    What's my max voltages

    Ryzen should be kept below 1.375V, RX 580 should be kept below 1.25V and DDR4 can be run up to 1.35V. Those are assuming you keep Ryzen below 70C and RX 580 below 80C.