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  1. Posty

    The Utility Warehouse

    its a decent earner on the side you get upfront commision plus residual commision every month
  2. Posty

    How far would you travel each day for work before relocating?

    Over an hour and I would consider relocating. Currently I am spending about 45 minutes each way and I feel I need to move closer. My old job was 20 minutes away by car which felt just right.
  3. Posty

    Planning an around the world trip - Give me advice!

    personally had an amazing experience in NZ, I did one of the backpacker bus things around both islands over a 4 month period and worked some time in queenstown. if you like winter sports/rafting/bungee/skydiving/hiking there is so much to do.
  4. Posty

    How hard do people work - is it worth it?

    What kind of work do you do? I did credit control a few years ago and would be given a stack of files and I would be finished in 4 hours and not have anything to do.
  5. Posty

    Forgot how bad job searching was :(

    I have an interview for 1st line tech support does anyone know what questions I will be asked? I have limited education/experience so it cant be too technical as my CV makes clear I would only have the basic knowledge.
  6. Posty

    Realistic mortgage?

    does your age effect the mortgage you can get? or is it simply credit history + current salary?
  7. Posty

    Has anybody worked with a career advisor or could they recommend a proven way to get good career adv

    I wouldn't pay for it, the internet can provide all the info you need. If you want inspiration on the types of jobs available I would recommend. They have large lists of occupations. What is your background so far? If you...
  8. Posty

    So.. Maths

    just out of curiosity as i dont know anything about programming but why is maths important for that?
  9. Posty

    So.. Maths has video tutorials and questions for all levels of maths and its free (Bill Gates pays for the running costs)
  10. Posty

    What's wrong with the railways in this country?

    The nationalisation after WW2 when the government refused to pay the rail operators war time debt from war time usage & damage. After nationalisation successive governments underfunded the railway and instead focused on building out the road network because they were impressed by the German...
  11. Posty

    Getting on with your work?

    well if its you job you may get fired or if at school you may not graduate
  12. Posty

    Computer programme language

    anyone used codeacademy?
  13. Posty

    How hard did you work at University?

    I did economics and found it quite easy but i think that is because i went to a former poly and they didn't do any maths in their economics and it was more research & social study. Struggled to get a job in Economics because I failed all the pre-screen maths tests now working in completely...
  14. Posty

    Not had a job interview for quite sometime, have things changed?

    what kind of position will it be for? techniques differ greatly between interviewing for a sales/marketing guy and an accounting person for example. also personality and how you will fit into the team is high on their list
  15. Posty

    Steam Summer Sale - What did you buy?

    Dragon Age and Skyrim
  16. Posty

    tablets to replace PCs?

    In China for example the mobile phone is the main way people access the internet and the internet is the main application that people use the personal computer for.
  17. Posty

    tablets to replace PCs?

    It will take a huge chunk especially when proper docking for phones/pads allows you to use a full size monitor and keyboard. All the applications like office and you data will be stored on the cloud and you will access that cloud through your phone/pad and for something like word/excel you will...
  18. Posty

    Ideas for location for UK cottage break

    Seven sisters, east sussex.
  19. Posty

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim announced

    I got this in the sale and anyone else new to the game on PC get the SKYUI mod i really hated the UI before i installed this. Also i find it really hard to get a character looking good so I just went with a preset Nice to have the option to change every part of the face but I seem unable to...
  20. Posty

    Any WoW old schoolers?

    Downfall of WoW was the introduction of the elves into the Horde