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  1. Acathla

    Do employers check up on your CV

    Some companies do check very thoroughly! I just moved job, and actually had problems because a company I worked for would not confirm my start date because, and I quote "That will be in the archive box and I am not looking in there". Was alright in the end as they did confirm that I worked...
  2. Acathla

    Canon S3IS / G6 Or Fujifilm S5800 - Best for outdoor work?

    Not sure on the other camera but I have had lots of decent outdoor shots on the S3 IS. Not sure if that helps, but all I have!
  3. Acathla

    Apple shipment help

    I couldn't be more happy with Apple delivery times. Ordered Wed night, macbook, time capsule + a scanner and laptop case arrived today! Macbook was at stock spec though (Ordered larger HD + 4GB Ram seperate)
  4. Acathla

    Best day ever!

    I think the mac pro was the real turning point for me. The macbook I got and loved the OS. The pro was the real power house that let me replace the speed I got of my old rig, and suddenly I couldn't imagine going back!
  5. Acathla

    Best day ever!

    Latest bunch of Apple gear turned up! Just got a new Macbook for the wife, to go alongside my Macbook and Mac pro....actually, that's a lie, I've kept the new macbook and given the missus my old one :-) Also the time capsule turned up which rocks muchly, extended my existing wireless network...
  6. Acathla

    Why are IT Techs so up their own bottoms?

    We're not all that way. I work in a department of four of us, and only one of us is what I would call up his own bottom! So 3/4's of us are good people!
  7. Acathla

    MacBook Cracks

    Mine is done in exactly the same place. Do they really fix it out of warranty? Awesome!
  8. Acathla

    Reading and Leeds 2008

    Just had a quick scout through this thread and didn't see any other mentions, but Greenday are self confirmed! Their tour page has the weekend blocked out for 'Reading/Leeds festival' but doesn't say which days they are playing where! Not looking bad this year.
  9. Acathla

    Memorable Gigs

    3 Colours Red - the 100 club + 3 Colours Red - Nottingham Rock City Terrorvision - Guilfest 2 amazing gigs for me! <or 3 if you can count....>
  10. Acathla

    Life on Mars is class - Ashes to Ashes discussion/spoilers too

    I really think it could have worked as a plain and simple cop show. No mystery this time, no LoM remake, just Gene Genie and the boys beating up nonces!
  11. Acathla

    Best way of streaming X264 ?

    The netgear eva 8000 i quite a decent box. The firmware is a bit amateur to be honest, but now plays mkv files etc. I have read lots of negative reviews of it, but my one has never given me any problems. Plays all my divx etc fine, plus my own h.264 rips from dvd no problem. Watched a good few...
  12. Acathla

    Poor Delivery Man

    As a fellow recently proud parent to a new Mac pro, it doesn't get very loud at all under load! Only time I really notice the noise on mine is when the DVD drive gets spinning up a lot!
  13. Acathla

    Got a Mac Pro!

    WOW. First day of actually using this beast for work and it rocks! Had LOADS of videos encoding in the background (actually...that wasn't work, but never mind), remote desktop to work, a parallels machine open, loads of other apps and the thing didn't even break sweat. Using it with spaces is...
  14. Acathla

    Got a Mac Pro!

    Custom setup, or standard? I was too impatient for delivery, had to drive in to Kingston today and get it!
  15. Acathla

    Got a Mac Pro!

    Point me in the right direction and I'll give it a go!
  16. Acathla

    Got a Mac Pro!

    Scared of new things I guess! She isn't a major computer fan anyway, so likes to stick with what she knows. I figure that not being a massive computer fan, Macs should be the obvious choice, so much more intuitive. As for the bottleneck thing, I only see it as a bottle neck because I am not...
  17. Acathla

    Got a Mac Pro!

    Might sort some pics when I have the setup a little more tidy... Currently cable central! I have got to say I envy the tidy setups seen in the hardware pics thread! I'm just far too messy for that! I don't know what is holding handbrake back yet either, activity monitor shows I still have some...
  18. Acathla

    Newsgroup software for the Mac?

    +1 for unison. Easy to setup, easy to use.
  19. Acathla

    Digital Recorders - Recommend me do

    Seems almost unnecessary, but another vote for the 9200 here! We can't believe we used to watch TV without it!
  20. Acathla

    Got a Mac Pro!

    Standard config at the moment, looking to upgrade the RAM at some point when prices are a bit better. Bought a macbook when they first came out and have hardly put it down since, so decided I really wanted a desktop to go with it. My god am I glad I went with it! I know the price is a little...