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  1. MacLef420

    Show us your pumpkin competition!

    Yes - that is a jelly brain =D Witch
  2. MacLef420

    The Long Awaited: Fresh build

    Will 4GB really be an issue with the higher throughput and better management? I am surprised about HDMI 2 or DP 1.4 - does that mean its even possible to output 1440p @ 144hz with the Fury? (or even the R9 390?) With this coming to light it would seem an NVIDIA option may be the best choice...
  3. MacLef420

    The Long Awaited: Fresh build

    Thanks for the responses folks: Regarding graphics cards - I've noticed the 1070 and the rx480 - how about the fury? Which seems to be priced squarely in the middle. At £300 it certainly looks interesting. Even though it does have HBM, would the 4gb be of concern? i.e. enough to futureproof...
  4. MacLef420

    The Long Awaited: Fresh build

    Got licence. Do need monitor, don't need to factor it into the build though, it is likely to be 1440p 144hz - inclined to go freesync. Form factor not an issue. I did hear about the 1060 - what £ is it coming in at?
  5. MacLef420

    The Long Awaited: Fresh build

    Nice build sweols - thanks - does seem rather budget conscious though. Would easily spend a bit more. I'm also inclined to go for a superflower PSU, having had some insight into whom manufacturers for who.
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    The Long Awaited: Fresh build

    ^^^ Added to original post
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    The Long Awaited: Fresh build

    Greetings fellow OCUK forumites - it's been a while. The time has come for me to enjoy the endeavor of specing out and building a new PC. I've had my trusty OCUK bought i7 920/r2e rig for 6 years or so and I now feel there has been enough movement in the hardware space to justify an almighty...
  8. MacLef420

    i7 920/rampage II Extreme

    spot on thanks a lot
  9. MacLef420

    7970 matrix vs dcuII-top 280x

    Greetings folks, Currently looking at purchasing a new graphics card, in fact i purchased it three weeks ago but them supply's man. I bought the DCU 280x, not the top, which is still out of stock at 250. However, the top is in stock and can change my order to that for a small fee of...
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    i7 920/rampage II Extreme

    excellent thank you, however that's what I was trying to avoid. Already had that link saved in case i fail to find what I'm needing. Anyone got the actual figures for a clocked 920 D0 at 4-4.2 not fussy as to which. If the clock fails and I crash and burn, I'll do the methodical from...
  11. MacLef420

    i7 920/rampage II Extreme

    Hello there, been a while since I've posted on here. Straight to the point. My overclock is gone. I haven't played around with any of the settings, apart from the usual suspects boot priority etc. and the clock has removed itself. Went to the Asus oc profiles and there is nothing saved...
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    OCZ Agility 3 Benchmark Results

    Looking at a box containing 2.5" loveliness :D Trying to wait till weekend to open so I can spend a day playing, however, temptation! Also, recommendations on SATA3 controllers? USB 3.0 not a requirement. Current MOBO is R2E. Many thanks
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    Ordered one yesterday, what a delight to see stock is in early :P Possible to ship SSD even though boogie bug ain't in yet? don't want to wait for ssd loveliness :D
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    Fancy testing some Alpenföhn fans? Post in this thread!

    more than interested, look ideal for a laptop cooler im currently in the process of making. obviously would compare with current apache set up :) sign me up
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    5850CF temptation..

  16. MacLef420

    6950 x2 or 6990 or Wait?

    Hmm, would that link not be considered a competitor? >.< 6950 x-fire. I've been looking at unlocking a 6950 myself, however considering going for 5850 x-fire
  17. MacLef420

    ♠.Scarlet Spade.♠ - watercooled + modded lian li build.

    You sir, are a genius. Was enjoying the build log anyhow, a very intuitive approach. Adore this window mod, was looking towards a tinted/reflective window myself, however, like yourself I find most tinted acrylic somewhat "cheap". Do think I shall be borrowing this idea, much obliged ;)
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    What Restaurant did you eat at last night?

    I am based in Forres and have to agree with the above comment completely, a slight disagreement on the portion size though - can never get too much :D. Only ever go in for the lunch, due to the dinner service being full usually, and the starter/main course set is the one to go for, why...
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    The **Now Drinking** Thread

    +1! A superb beer! drawn for pride of place with pelforth
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    too much candy... after many hours spend researching for the yearly upgrade buzz, I thought I had finally settled on a 6950 (unlock of course) but ocuk have managed to throw a spanner into the works yet again. Currently running a 1gb 4890, which I have found a buyer for at £100, since it...