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  1. NathG79

    Best gaming memories

    I remember my best mate at the time getting the Amiga 500 Batman pack on Christmas day, going over-even though it was Christmas day. absolutley blown away, up until till that point just playing Commodore 64. Amiga was somthing else, a whole new level. I soon convinced my father to buy one, with...
  2. NathG79

    The Radeon RX 6900 XT Owners Thread.

    Thanks. Sorry for late reply. Its a Lian-li 011D-XL, Noctua exhaust and AIO fans. Corsair LL120`s on the rest, and a cablemod vertical mount.
  3. NathG79

    The Radeon RX 6900 XT Owners Thread.

    Still rocking MBA.
  4. NathG79

    The AMD Driver Thread

    Nice to have full CPU overlay.
  5. NathG79

    Deathloop - from the people behind Dishonored and Prey

    put about an hour or so in. very Bioshock`esque liking it...
  6. NathG79

    The Radeon RX 6900 XT Owners Thread.

    A few quids worth there.
  7. NathG79

    The Radeon RX 6900 XT Owners Thread.

    After around 4 months and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Finally getting to a nice point on the double storey extension on my house. I now have a proper corner that I can be proud of, Ikea Thyge 1600 x 800 desk with all my kit, not just shoved under the stairs on some puny black glass and...
  8. NathG79

    Pcie 4.0 riser cables

    My 6900Xt runs fine at 4.0 with SAM and resizable bar enabled.
  9. NathG79

    Pcie 4.0 riser cables

    Same, Link-up seems to be the best of the bunch, although the price aint so pretty.
  10. NathG79

    The Radeon RX 6900 XT Owners Thread.

    Looking good. I like the spirit level touch, a good early warning system of card sag syndrome.
  11. NathG79

    The Radeon RX 6900 XT Owners Thread.

    Good choice. nice card. Enjoy.
  12. NathG79

    Army of the Dead

    I swear I kept thinking Vasquesz when I saw the bird with the bandana unloading on the undead. But couldn't make the link at the time.
  13. NathG79

    Your favourite chilli sauce is?

    Bullseye is pretty good. Habernero, and the Carolina reaper ones. Also, Nandos are doing an African extreme variant. Pretty hot.
  14. NathG79

    What PC games are you playing?

    Days Gone. Satisfactory. PUBG. Zombie army 4.
  15. NathG79

    Badly explain what you do for a living.

    I bring water in. I take dirty water out. Oh, and I keep you warm.
  16. NathG79

    Do largish holes in plasterboard need support?

    Fix 4 vertical lengths of doorstop to the softblock with rawlplugs and screws, then screw the new plasterboard to that. providing the gap behind is wide enough to acomadate the plasterboard fitting flush. edit. Sorry, thought you wanted to board up the hole. just mix up some dot and dab...
  17. NathG79

    Days Gone

    Downloaded eairler and put in around 30mins so far, impressed. Runs at 129-140odd (FPS) at 4k (VSR) Max 6900XT
  18. NathG79

    RX 6700 XT - Is supply getting to UK?

    It took me almost a year of sitting on funds, ready to drop on the 6900Xt, that was relying on the resale value of my old Vega 64 Lc, mind you, I got just over £300 pound for it.
  19. NathG79

    6700xt in stock at ocuk

    And to think I only paid about £200 more than there asking for a 6700XT, for a 6900XT Reference. looking back, it wasnt really that bad a deal.
  20. NathG79

    Are wheel spacers safe?

    Had H&R spacers on my mk4 golf for best part of 8years now. No problems whatsoever, 20mm on the back 15mm on the front.