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  1. Lightnix

    Your GPU history tree and potential next card

    Let's see... Some kind of horrible pentium 3-era intel IGP thing. X1650 Pro - cheap! 8800 GTS 320 - absolute casualty of the great price war of 2007. When everyone was picking up the 8800 GT I got this dirt cheap. The memory became an issue kind of quickly, though. 4870 1GB - My favourite card...
  2. Lightnix

    OcUK RTX3050 review thread

    They found a way to get some cards on shelves under the £300 mark by producing some that miners don't want and that also gamers don't want.
  3. Lightnix

    PC Gamer: RX 6500 XT looks worse on paper than AMD's $199 GPU from six years ago

    Pretty impressed that AMD are selling pretty much the cheapest card they could have put together for so much. Like seriously aggressively pared down. I bet the engineers who worked on it are like "you're selling this card as a WHAT?!" and the marketing folks are just like "yeah it's got good...
  4. Lightnix

    Prince Philip has died

    Even the crown estate website makes it clear that the crown estate is not the private property of the monarch, and for very obvious reason, so why do you think this?
  5. Lightnix

    Why are alot of GPU's out of stock?

    Wow miners are building some real fire hazards these days. :D
  6. Lightnix

    Cheaper to buy Gold Bar than a GPU!

    Yeah just run it under the tap.
  7. Lightnix

    OcUK RX6700XT review thread

    It seems like a better buy than the RX6800 at MSRP but it's not exactly the budget champion we've been looking for. Plus availablity. Better move quick when they hit the digital shelves to get one under £700.
  8. Lightnix

    I don’t understand boost clocks properly

    I get a similar thing with my 3060 even before overclocking and had the same question - turns out the boost clock is actually not the highest clock, there's an unwritten "theoretical max clockspeed" that has existed since Pascal that can be reached when the right thermal/power conditions are...
  9. Lightnix

    Right to repair law

    "Available to consumers" you say? Looking forward to seeing the state of the Apple store after this. "Magic capacitor 68uF: £99"
  10. Lightnix

    Nvidia to limit hash rate of RTX3060 GPU's

    Yep. Genuinely embarrassed that I believed it for long enough to make a forum post suggesting as such.
  11. Lightnix

    Nvidia to limit hash rate of RTX3060 GPU's

    Kinda-sorta. The alt-coins that work represent more risk for the miners because they're much more likely to crash and never recover than the major ones.
  12. Lightnix

    Which Gpu? AMD or Nividia (random thoughts)

    Best bet is probably wait for the 6700 XT launch and try and snag one of those for the brief 30 seconds or so that they're available for.
  13. Lightnix

    Right to repair law

    Can't imagine we're about to see a revival of socketed GPU memory but you never know. Might have more of an impact on laptops - it'd be good to see a wider selection of laptops with discrete components.
  14. Lightnix

    Second hand price insanity!

    If you mod it to be the Mac Pro version that's actually about the kind of ballpark they seem to come up at. If you have a spare Mac Pro to test it in, you could probably flip them.
  15. Lightnix

    Nvidia to limit hash rate of RTX3060 GPU's

    Cons: miners Pros: my £300 card's resale value has just gone through the roof :D That was fast, either way. Guessing their PR guy's bit about "secure handshakes" or whatever was waffle or just ineffectually implemented.
  16. Lightnix

    Low power/profile GPU

    You can run both the GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1650 purely off slot power and they come in low-profile/half-height versions but obviously they're not all like that - one of those I guess would be your best bet. The 1650 is faster. Actually finding one in stock for the right price might take some...
  17. Lightnix

    Nvidia Re-Size Bar/SAM support is live for some cards, more in March - 10% performance gains

    It's on the 3060 already. Gets some reasonable bumps in some games, not so much in others:
  18. Lightnix

    Anybody else resenting AMD because of DLSS?

    I think it's likely that Nvidia already set the benchmark for DLSS on regular shader cores with DLSS '1.9' in Control, and that had some noticeable visual artifacting as well as having to be trained on a per-game basis. AMD might do better than that but probably not by much just because of...
  19. Lightnix

    Anybody else resenting AMD because of DLSS?

    Ok I had no idea it went back as far as the 8500. A few high profile games seemed to actually use it as well! Wild.
  20. Lightnix

    Anybody else resenting AMD because of DLSS?

    I'm pretty sure this is actually true (edit: the bit about tessellation I mean) - or at least a sort of partnership between AMD and Microsoft brought it about because its first application was in the Xbox 360. The HD2900 XT had tessellation hardware as well, but not very much used it because...