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  1. happytechie

    long no units

    Hi all, it's been a while since I posted and I've been slacking horribly due to a new job and no access to forums, a lack of machines and time is my excuse. Can I make my PS3 and my ubuntu laptop fold for my username and OcUK ?
  2. happytechie

    Official Glastonbury Thread: 2007

    we'd got our E-Mails by the timeI got back in from kiteboarding at 4ish. The mythical OcUK meet has been sugested every year but I doubt it'll happen. I think the on line ticket thing works as well as it can do. you just need to have plenty of browsers open and keep trying. The logistics...
  3. happytechie

    Official Glastonbury Thread: 2007

    i've just got through again for a friend. same link, still firefox on NTL cable :D
  4. happytechie

    Official Glastonbury Thread: 2007

    Woo Hoo, we have tickets from See you all there in the summer, just keep hitting that link... firefox 2, 10mb NTL cable, 20 tabs open. Don't refresh the service busy page guys, re enter the correct URL :D
  5. happytechie

    Official Glastonbury Thread: 2007

    nope, nothing here and it's ******* me off
  6. happytechie

    last day in the office

    Before I go to my new job in a few weeks, and I'm bored, any tips on things to do?
  7. happytechie

    What;s sheffield like
  8. happytechie

    What;s sheffield like

    Sheffield is different in different areas. the west of the City (where the uni and dental depts are) is a lovely well wooded greenish area full of parks and nice bars. The east of the City center is a hell hole where I wouldn't want to live tbh. I'd move back to Sheffield in a second if I...
  9. happytechie

    Softop for summer

    I hate to say I told you so....... The MG owners were right and all the F haters who were basing there opinions on internet waffle knew nothing ;) Are you tempted with the supercharger kit yet? edit: my F is a R plate VVC and has full leather, 150 ish bhp, power steering and windows...
  10. happytechie

    RWD - As dangerous as what people make it out to be ?

    your car is fitted with a bonnet full of electronic gizmos to keep the boot behind the bonnet though. In an MR2 you get the engine, the clutch, the gearbox and the wheels. If you want to reduce power going to the wheels you need to throttle back or dip the clutch. My boss has a 535i and I'm...
  11. happytechie UML diagrams

    I've no idea I'm afraid mate. if there isn't a view class diagram option then presumably. I've never used anything other than the professional one :confused: Oddly enough if you are just doing simple class diagrams rather than full fat UML documentation you might find it quicker and...
  12. happytechie

    RWD - As dangerous as what people make it out to be ?

    you'll be fine. just remember that the speed that you are driving at when you enter the corner is the speed that you will have to take that corner at. As a rule I don't brake or accelerate in the wet if the wheels are not all pointing in the same direction. I'd get youself out to a nice...
  13. happytechie

    BMW Z4 hardtop

    mmmm shiny cars..... I 'm still not keen on the cab version but each to there own ;) all these shiny cars remind me that it's time to drag the MG out of winter storage and give it a clean and a coat of wax. Paul
  14. happytechie

    Job Rigmarole

    Aye go and have a chat to your new boss, explain the situation, if they want to keep you they will match the offer your old place has made you, if they don't care they will let you go back. Paul
  15. happytechie

    A life of darkness, Drink driving.

    He guy who mowed myself and two friends down in 1993 while many many times over the limit ( too drunk for the breathaliser ) got 3 years, served 18 months and got three years driving ban. He was seen driving a un-taxed car the week after he was released from prison. I am still suffering the...
  16. happytechie

    Friend has come into a tiny bit of money, what would you do?

    buy a house, rent out some of the rooms downstairs to students, live in the loft apartment himself. make profit and have a house when he leaves university. easy decision.
  17. happytechie

    thinking about a camcorder....

    I take it no body in here has an opinion on cheep camcorders then? The Sony DCR-HC37 is currently favorite I think
  18. happytechie

    Just my luck...

    just phone your insurance co, they'll get autoglass (or someone similar) round to fix it, it will only take an hour or so and will probably be done tomorrow. when I had mine done int he summer it cost me £25 excess and no change to my ncd. Paul
  19. happytechie

    Unique-string check in C

    did you fix the code or just dump the code I gave you in to your program. Stop and think about what you are doing, write a design, then write the code. Thank about what functions need access to what data and only pass the data you need into them. hint, the function that asks the user...
  20. happytechie

    Unique-string check in C

    that's horrid... did you know that a character array is actually just a pointer to the first location in the array? anyway.... the whole for loop with the pointer and the array looks wrong to me, I'm surprised that it even worked once what about: for(int foo = 0 ; foo <...