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  1. thepharcyde

    emails you get from people at work.

    Someone once messaged an entire Lync Communicator meeting party that had a screenshare and telepresence 'I wished he would stop coughing, sounds like he has a pube in this throat'. Unbeknown to said poster he posted in the entire audience message box as opposed to an individual on his favourites...
  2. thepharcyde

    emails you get from people at work.

    Someone once reminded the whole department to be cautious of 'fishing' emails. That was rather amusing.
  3. thepharcyde

    emails you get from people at work.

    Most emails I received are from EDs MDs etc ergo very direct and to the point. One thing that grinds my gears however is Lync Communicator that is the lazy option vs picking up phone and speaking face to face (video phones). I always set mine to offline
  4. thepharcyde

    My Home Town

    Moved to london, spent 8 years in rat race, moved back south to Dorset same money win win. Quality of life so much better
  5. thepharcyde

    auction site rage

    So let me get this right order CPU off eBay Seller gives you said Cpu + free memory and thermal paste Thermal paste despite the Ace Venturer Delivery is perfectly symmetrical post opening said parcel you ripped open package like a 2 year old at christmas took c.10 photos sealed up...
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    Not a bad price, but expensive in the first instance. Benefits for MQ as as opposed to HQ processor that's BGA. GPU will allow for mid/high settings. Is that an MXM card?
  7. thepharcyde

    Just for a change... blinded by choice for new laptop

    Refurn Alienware 17R2 all the way with 980m. CPU temp >70 fans kick in lower and it's silent.
  8. thepharcyde

    *******C.A.R.S - Community Assisted Race Sim*********

    Better AI than Assetto Corsa, not as good as RF2
  9. thepharcyde

    *******C.A.R.S - Community Assisted Race Sim*********

    FFB classic, game is playable again
  10. thepharcyde

    Hitachi Finance with OcUK ?

    You would be a fool if you did
  11. thepharcyde

    Sleep and storage drive questions

    Can't see the point with sleep and an SSD that can cold boot to OS under 10secs
  12. thepharcyde

    Laptop for my 13 year old

    Samsung SSD come with cloning software and hardware.
  13. thepharcyde

    New LED Street Lamps

    I prefer the sodium ones
  14. thepharcyde

    Ford - never again (Think Ford)

    Thread fails to deliver.
  15. thepharcyde

    Car has been keyed

  16. thepharcyde

    Upgrade alienware or sell and buy new laptop?

    Just shy 500 will get you an 980m upgrade kit. However I recently purchased an alienware 2015 R17 for £1100 from a seller on eBay that has a 4710hq, 16gb ram and a GTX980m
  17. thepharcyde

    Hit and Run

    Report him to police too
  18. thepharcyde

    Type R and VTEC owners

    that is all
  19. thepharcyde

    Images of items I have purchased.

    What do you expect sleeping in your boot??? ;)