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  1. kbc

    ** The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Thread **

    You just need to install Telegram from the AppStore, set a username in the settings of Telegram, then compose a message to iphonestockbot. I had an order on for a week 2 weeks ago, said delivery in 4-6 weeks (which is a joke!!). 2 days of my order, I did try this Telegram thing but since I wake...
  2. kbc

    ** The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Thread **

    I placed an order back in October and delivery was a joke. Just get the Apple Store app and then check in on it at about 6AM and you will be able to book a collection. I also use Telegram which alerts me of stock in London. Make sure you can collect same day though.
  3. kbc

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge Thread ****

    I've recently upgraded my S7 to 6.0.1, is this normal for "Android system" to take up over 20%? I seem to think the battery is depleting quicker.
  4. kbc

    *** The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Thread ***

    I've a Note 5 - was looking forward to this one. But now I'm holding back... an S7 can now be had for less than £450 which makes it a good deal (?)
  5. kbc

    Pokemon GO! (2016)

    :eek: Time to pick a few up. :D:D
  6. kbc

    Pokemon GO! (2016)

    How you do this? When I do it, it says I need a credit card, and obviously I have one but since my billing address is UK - it doesn't switch the region?
  7. kbc

    **** The Official Note 5 thread ****

    I just want Android 6 on my Note 5 9200! :(
  8. kbc

    **** The LG G5 Thread ****

    This phone feature looks awesome. I am quite happy with what LG are doing here. I've only really owned Samsung devices - currently a Note 5. Having looked at what the S7 is. I'm siding with LG at the moment...
  9. kbc

    **** The Official Note 5 thread ****

    There is a GOLD version Note 5 dual SIM available in 64GB. It does exist. I bought mine from HK when I was out there in mid-October 2015. So they should be about for import. Mine is still 5.1.1.
  10. kbc

    Anyone experiencing issues with WhatsApp?

    Offline for me.
  11. kbc

    **** The Official Note 5 thread ****

    Guys, is there anyway at all to get the Note 5 lock screen to show more than just two notifications without having to click the + icon for more? It's kinda weird why you are just limited to two for such a big screen!
  12. kbc

    Making the jump from Android to a Windows 10 mobile?

    I still agree with this. And I really like the Windows OS on the phone. I had a Lumia 920, 930 and the devices are great, so is the interface. But the APP support is terrible and still is. There's not enough good apps. People will question "well how many apps do you 'really' use?" but that's not...
  13. kbc

    How old were you when you bought your first home?

    Age: 28 London South West 1 Bed Flat - £200,000 Deposit: 20% Think it's gone up by £110K :D
  14. kbc

    **** The Official Note 5 thread ****

    Yea that's it. OK I was looking in the wrong place.
  15. kbc

    **** The Official Note 5 thread ****

    How do I tell which model number is mine? Mine is a 64GB Gold brought from Hong Kong - dual SIM.
  16. kbc

    It's snowing

    None in South London. :D
  17. kbc

    Making the jump from Android to a Windows 10 mobile?

    I tried it twice and unfortunately I just couldn't stick with it. I had a Lumia 920 and a 930, I think the hardware is great the OS is nice and fluid. The devices are spectacular. But the lack of apps just couldn't keep me on it. I use all Google services, email, drive, maps, Google Music. It...
  18. kbc

    Microsoft Band

    Can I ask how good this band would partner with an Android device? If you have an android phone would you get this? :confused:
  19. kbc

    moving back to android

    One Plus One?
  20. kbc

    *** The Official Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge Thread ***

    How are you able to get such good SoT ? Quoting your last use patterns, its like me, but why is mine so poor? My phone is only 2 weeks old. Gold 128GB version.