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  1. JohnStewart

    Batch resaving - advanced input

    I’ve used a program called Advanced JPEG compressor for many years to batch compress images before uploading. I’m not sure if it can traverse nested Folders though, as I only ever use it on a single directory at a time. it can resize images and offers customisable level of compression including...
  2. JohnStewart

    Asus RT-AX58U - Weird internet speed issues

    Do you have any QoS settings enabled on the Asus router? I had to disable QoS on my older Asus router as otherwise the maximum download speed was about 300.
  3. JohnStewart

    Walk me through this Synology wishlist...

    Just be aware that Lightroom won’t open catalogues on a network drive, regardless of how fast the data transfer is. You can have the RAW images stored on the network drive though. there are a few options: 1) if you just have one catalogue, keep it on a local SSD and the RAW files on the NAS...
  4. JohnStewart

    Is this true? Speed limiters fitted to all new cars

    Fully agree, I drive to/from work on a narrow B road with limited passing opportunities. If I get stuck behind a cyclist for 2-3 minutes, then my average mpg drops from abut 46 to 42 for the journey. If I encounter 2 cyclists, then it drops again down to about 39-40 depending on how long I'm...
  5. JohnStewart

    Is this true? Speed limiters fitted to all new cars

    Once the percentage of vehicles fitted with speed limiters reaches a certain level, it will become virtually impossible to overtake on busy single carriageway roads. If you get a train of 2-3 cars and vans all sitting at or close to the limit, you will need a lengthy straight to give enough room...
  6. JohnStewart

    Managed switch recommendation please.

    I had similar requirements and found that not all managed switches have time based access policies. I also needed one that allowed port security to restrict specific ports to a MAC address to prevent MAC address spoofing or plugging in devices into other ports in the house. If you only need...
  7. JohnStewart

    New house - ethernet/networking advice please!

    I used the connectix cable and keystone jacks from cable monkey. I think I may have got the faceplates etc from there as well. The keystone jacks make the job much easier, just have to make sure when you trim the ends that the ends aren’t left too long to ensure they don’t touch the metal...
  8. JohnStewart

    New house - ethernet/networking advice please!

    The first cable you linked to is suitable for external use, so probably overkill for internal use. When I did my house, I used CAT 6A u/ftp cable throughout, solid core, not the stranded stuff which is designed for patch leads. If everything is short runs under 50m, you could potentially use...
  9. JohnStewart

    Synology DS1621+ Which NVME SSD For Cache?

    If it's only connected via a 1 gigabit network, then the maximum transfer rate is about 125 MB/s so there's probably little benefit in getting anything much better than basic NVME drives such as a WD Blue for about £53 each in a 500Gb size...
  10. JohnStewart

    PC Spec for high quality digital art in Photoshop? is your friend here. In summary, something like a 5600X or 5800X gives good performance (it mentions photoshop can use up to 8 cores effectively), but the latest ADL processors are on...
  11. JohnStewart

    Upgrade Advice - Asus X99-A with i7-5820K

    For £90 I picked up a 6900k about 6 months ago from eBay to replace my 5820k. It’s made a noticeable improvement to general operation/smoothness and a big improvement in multi core tasks light Lightroom imports and exports. A very good upgrade for me in terms of value for money.
  12. JohnStewart


    I had my Garmin fitted by Halfords in Aberdeen. Top job and 2 years later not had a single issue with it or the fitting.
  13. JohnStewart

    Confused about U/FTP and keystone jacks

    I used tool less cat 6A keystone jacks both at the patch panel and also for the wall outlets using twin euro faceplates. It did cost a few £ more for each wall outlet point, but saved the hassle of crimping, testing, recrimping etc. I then bought some pre made 6A cables in various lengths and...
  14. JohnStewart

    road rule changes 2022

    I hadn't thought about it in that much detail. I just assumed that a car doing 20mph would use about the same or less fuel than one at 60mph. But if you are having to constantly slow down and accelerate in lower gears then the fuel consumption and emissions would be measurably higher, especially...
  15. JohnStewart

    road rule changes 2022

    I asked my colleague this morning. They were mostly single file with a pair side by side near the front. Yeah , I told him at the time he was being silly, even more so when he said he ws going to try and work out the collective cost of the extra fuel used by all the cars stuck behind :D
  16. JohnStewart

    road rule changes 2022

    This was one captured by a colleague a few years ago on his way home from work. Apparently the group of leisure cyclists passed about 3 or 4 suitable places on the left where they could have easily pulled over for 15 seconds to let the queue of vehicles behind them overtake. The road is quite...
  17. JohnStewart

    RIP 5820k?

    This time last year I was planning to update my whole system to X570, 5900X etc. but the poor availability of CPUs and high prices put me off. Thought I'd try a 6900k as a stop gap upgrade for a year or so, and am now waiting to see what RL and Ryzen 6000 offer later this year. I updated my...
  18. JohnStewart

    External USB 3.0 drive, can you attach a USB to Ethernet adapter?

    Many thanks for the offer, but I don't have enough posts yet to see the marketplace area of the forum. I believe my friend has got one sorted now via FB marketplace :) It is their backup drive :cry: I believe they copy the "latest" version of a file onto their laptops from the external drive...
  19. JohnStewart

    External USB 3.0 drive, can you attach a USB to Ethernet adapter?

    I believe there's several Tb of data on the drive, which is too big for them to store on either laptop. How much of that is music, photos and videos and how much of it is work data I'm not sure. I pointed him to the Raspberry PI and got a reply along the lines of WTF :D So far, I think his...
  20. JohnStewart

    External USB 3.0 drive, can you attach a USB to Ethernet adapter?

    Huge thanks for all the suggestions :) Looked at the Silex device which looks like it would fit the bill, but a little on the pricy side for what "hopefully" is just a few months use. As Mcnumpty suggested it would be cheaper to buy a second drive and they can have one each :) Also looking at...