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  1. chrislusty

    2012 Mazda 6 Venture thoughts

    Is it petrol or diesel? They also had terrible DPF issues too. (like most diesels with short journeys) it's been mentioned, but check for rust too.
  2. chrislusty


    Hi all, can anyone recommend a headset to use with Skype/Teams etc on a Mac please? Must be over the ear and ideally noise cancellation too. Looking online and gaming Headphones seem to be a good choice and I appreciate this is a daft question, but will they work on Mac? Thanks in advanced!
  3. chrislusty

    Hi-Vis Jacket/Bib recommendations

    The Proviz clothing is very reflective, have a look here
  4. chrislusty

    Mazda 6 Car Alarm keeps going off! Help! :)

    My father in law had a 2009 Mazda 6 and that started having the alarm go off at random times, usually in the night, with in a week or two the car battery died. Pretty sure it did this twice. Anyway, he replaced the car battery and after that it was fine.
  5. chrislusty

    2014 Ford Focus. Boots keeps opening on its own

    Our Fiesta used to do this, needed a new boot release switch, wasnt too expensive thorugh Ford either, could be the same issue.
  6. chrislusty

    Ford Service or Independent Service

    Ford services include full European with home assist breakdown cover, which is always nice to have.
  7. chrislusty

    Increase tyre profile, will it rub?

    We had a fiesta with those size tyres, also had the same problem, we ended up using Continental WinterContact TS860. You can now get Vredestein Quatrac 5 in that size though, maybe worth a look.
  8. chrislusty

    octavia vrs 230 vs 245, or other?

    You can get a Superb with 280bhp, maybe worth a look.
  9. chrislusty

    Medium sized estate car

    Curve ball, Fiat Tipo estate. Havent got one, but they've got a big boot.
  10. chrislusty

    Do I need a new battery?

    My Mondeo used to do this. It was still on its original battery when I part exchanged it at 8 years old. Never had a problem starting it.
  11. chrislusty

    Any Nissan Or Mitsubishi Pickup Owners On Here?

    If you're looking at new then there is a Fiat Fullback too, which is just a L200 with apparently a nicer interior.
  12. chrislusty

    Fiesta Metal (2012) Stereo connections \ USB

    We had a 60 plate Titanium Fiesta with the red writing display. That was able to stream music from spotify, sat nav instructions etc, or you could have a USB stick on iPod plugged in too. We used to mainly use Spotify through it though.
  13. chrislusty

    Finding super unleaded petrol stations

    There are services aling the A40, at St Clares and Narbeth I think. Pretty sure these will have Super Unleaded available. Haverfordwest would probably have some too as that's a big town for West Wales
  14. chrislusty

    **Unofficial Tyre Thread**

    Probably not, whats wrong with PC5? You could get Michelin CrossClimates + as they are available in that size.
  15. chrislusty

    PHOTOSHOP Request: Some more orange on my Jaaaaag please. :D

    I can't do it, but what if it was the actual blue on the inside of the grill instead of the orange. I like orange, but I dont think it works well.
  16. chrislusty

    Car Viewing

    Not always true my father in law had their 12 year Mazda 3 serviced at Mazda every year, even the new bulbs were from Mazda, but when it came to tyres it was the cheapest the tyre garage had. Drove me up the wall!
  17. chrislusty

    Do I need all seasons?

    I had them on my Mondeo 215/55/16 (I think) and they were great very quiet and equally as good as Premium Contact 5s and Uniroyal Rainsport 3s that ibe used in the past. I would recommend them highly.
  18. chrislusty

    SPD Pedals

    Great, thank you
  19. chrislusty

    SPD Pedals

    Hi I have Shimano R540 pedals on my road bike and use the cleats that came with them, SM-SH11, would these be compatible with Shimano M520 SPD Clipless MTB Pedals that I am looking at for my mountain bike? One online shop is saying yes, another is saying no, so not sure now! Thanks in advanced
  20. chrislusty

    Tyre slick

    Shiny Garage black2black tyre dresser gives excellent results