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    Has the "GPU Voucher" subforum gone? Or... have I lost permission somehow?

    I've never seen it, but apparently someone told me this was the link: But it's always just said 'You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.' for me.
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    Ref Gibbo Update on 3080 Shipping

    If you're 294 in the queue now, what were you when you joined the queue? And when.. You might be able to work out how long it'll take..
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    forum deal?

    There hasn't been any since the sapphire 6700xt.
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    forum deal?

    Thing is if you read the rules in the OP here Just says 1 per customer. Doesn't say if you got the 3060 deal you can't have this.. It's all a bit muddy.. It would be...
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    forum deal?

    That's a bummer.. So if they drop a better card I have to quickly sell this card on MM before ordering.. Doesn't sound likely.. I'm grateful to get this card, but something better would also be nice..
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    forum deal?

    Last I heard there was one going to be end of last week or start of this week, so obviously some issues behind the scenes there.. I still don't know where I stand if they drop a 3080/6800xt/etc - are we allowed to get it if we got one of the 3060/6700xt drops before? Can we get the better cards...
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    Can I buy another (different) FE graphics card?

    I have a similar question.. To save another thread.. If you don't mind.. I got a 6700xt fighter in the 2nd of the 3 "gibbodrops". Upgrading from my 5600xt. Apparently there's more to come next week and beyond.. So I'm wondering is that it for me and others on these MM deals? My only choice for...
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    6700 XT Owners Thread

    Been thinking the same! They're both on offer at the moment too..
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    6700 XT Owners Thread

    I would have agreed before, but yesterday I turned off my pc - removed RX5600XT, put in the new RX6700XT and it went straight to some 'generic display driver' in device manager. Couldn't reinstall/clean install the AMD Radeon drivers at all, despite restarts. DDU saved the day. Not sure what...
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    6700 XT Owners Thread

    Had one gaming test and I was mid 50's temp before starting and during it was still mid 50's. Obviously the fans turned on at some point..
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    6700 XT Owners Thread

    53c idle, 0 fan. I forget what my old 5600xt was though... Ram is 1988 roughly mhz too.
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    New 6700xt not posting...

    Sorry no help other than this guy seemed to have the same problem today? Got my card today too. I had a bit of a nightmare getting the drivers installed (came from 5600xt), kept just...
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    6700 XT Owners Thread

    Not sure if that answers anyone's question.. It sure is a small card.. Maybe we're just "conditioned" to think bigger is better...
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    Think I've decided on a Glorious GMMK Fullsize but blues out of stock... how long?

    Also wondering, but the brown switches.. Maybe there's no stock anymore..
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    How to port forward with IPv6?

    My ISP (Hyperoptic) now only gives CGNAT an no more static IPv4's (unless you pay). It does however offer IPv6. This is what I used to do: Question is how can you achieve this with IPv6? Is my supplied router not up to this task? Seems that IPv6 was long awaited and promises of everything...
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    Since everyone's asking.. lol.. I was away and missed this deal: Any chance? :D
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    image check

    just testing and dont want to lose it :D
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    image check

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    Bahrain Grand Prix 2015, Sakhir - Race 4/19

    Ah ok, thanks lads :)