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    Arnie > *.*
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    Smoking should be BANNED!

    Banning should be banned. Ooo eerrr
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    Traffic light camera got me.

    What? Traffic lights or not are irrelevant. If there's a danger in front of you, you stop and don't waste time looking into your mirrors. If someone rear-ends you, its their damn fault for not keeping a distance.
  4. Ex-RoNiN

    Smoking should be BANNED!

    Don't ever come to Greece - you may pop your lungs/a vein, or combust instantaneously due to all the unreleased anger...
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    ipconfig /flushdns?
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    Does my bank know my actual credit rating?

    No, they think you are an awful customer who doesn't make enough money for them (in other words, being a responsible customer makes you a liability, rather than an asset) so they try to get you hooked onto loans so they can dripfeed money off you and make a profit out of you. The more they...
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    How do you motivate yourself?

    Wear Nike-branded clothing and remember why you bought Nike in the first place.
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    Traffic light camera got me.

    And therefore what is right in front of you gets ignored - even though it should prompt you to perform an emergency stop :eek: :confused:
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    So now you're president....

    Whatever the President says, Congress has to agree with otherwise it can't happen ;)
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    Lack of people wearing Poppies is a disgrace .

    How does it bother you? Are you the Poppy Police? Has it not occurred to you that displaying empty symbols means nothing really? Suppport/lack of is not equatable through wearing/non-wearing of the poppy.
  11. Ex-RoNiN

    Significant victory for civil liberties The national DNA database has been defeated in the House of Lords. That leaves us with the ID Cards and the associated database with those. Is this a sign that the data madness will stop? Or will other ways of getting our data be thought...
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    Steven Gerrard.

    Agreed. Not penalty worthy though. The reason he went down has nothing to do with choice, it's due to momentum. When you run at full speed, it takes only a small knock to floor you. On a sidenote, what about his nerves?! I thought he would miss, his hands were shaking when placing the...
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    Thinking of a new car

    To help you fund this purchase, I am willing to buy your old car off you for 50% of that Astra purchase ;)
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    So now you're president....

    Make Simpsons tune the new anthem.
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    Yeah, so the Marshall plan was not engineered by politicians, it was the people who can barely spell 'economics' :rolleyes: Yalta conference was not attended by politicians, it was all the people in the world :rolleyes: Gorbachev dissolved the Soviet Union after large protests by the people, did...
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    RABD corporation lobbies Pentagon to start WW3 to stimulate the economy

    For a perpetual war scenario, it would be utterly retarded to 'choose' a fellow nuclear power - invisible and hiding "terrorists" are a much more logical foe for such a scenario. At best, you might get some regional skirmish thrown in occasionally (i.e. Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq) but...
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    what the hell is this lizard type thing?

    Guess he was overstating the threat a bit, those can easily be squished :p
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    RABD corporation lobbies Pentagon to start WW3 to stimulate the economy

    In a WW3 scenario, neither these people nor much else will be left standing. Can your lizard friends not tell you about the effects of a nuclear exchange between two super powers? Even a limited regional exchange (50 tactical nukes each side) can have vast effects on the entire northern...
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    *** The Official Football Manager 2009 Thread ***

    Any chances of running this with a single core AMD64 3200+ on a Radeon 9800 Pro (yea, that's AGP!) and 1GB of PC3200 ram? /me expects to be called a museum piece
  20. Ex-RoNiN

    Cash and the 'Carry Tax'

    Source pls?