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    [PIC_THREAD] People, Portraits, Street

    Friends visited at the weekend and I took a quick photo of their daughter.. I love her expression here.
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    [PIC_THREAD] People, Portraits, Street

    This is a great image... love the processing, great work.
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    [PIC_THREAD] Wildlife, Animals, Birds, Zoo

    Love this, I would love to get a shot of my dog sitting on a chair like that, but he will not have it!! Great picture.
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    St Georges Day (Gravesend & Dartford) The weather was fantastic... it was fun to be involved with the local community.
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    Wedding (RAW)

    lol.. that's due to the resolution... you have to watch it full screen!! :D.. there is no aliasing....
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    Wedding (RAW)

    I'm sorry to hear that, I hope this year you have better luck!! Sincerly.
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    Wedding (RAW)

    Very similiar.. although I dont have the SmallHD monitor, I use the live view screen
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    Wedding (RAW)

    Thanks mrk I have a Steadicam vest and sled.. so I dont have any issues regarding the weight. I can happily wear it all day very comfortably. I don't use a follow focus, because I like to hold the focus barrel..feels more comfortable for me. I like doing weddings, they can be fun, but with the...
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    A night out in London. A selection of my street photography from this weekend.

    Another great selection of images. Great work...
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    Sigma 50 1.4 Art release date for Canon

    Just got this in my News feed...
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    Wedding (RAW)

    I noticed the missed focus on a few shots and they could have been swapped out, but I kind of liked the overall I left them in. Every shot was graded... but rather than throw on a "look" across the video, or over sections, I decided that this needed to be subtle, The room where they...
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    Wedding (RAW)

    Thank you very much for the kind words guys... To answer Genoma..Yes ML_raw!! I use a bunch of different stabilisers, from the monopod to hand held rigs to the Steadicam rig, etc.... I dont just do weddings so I have to have a wide range of equipment. If I was going on holiday and I could only...
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    Raymond's wedding photos, travels and other musings.

    Love the shots on post 7.. great compositions, particularly like the 3rd making use of colours and textures.
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    [PIC_THREAD] Landscapes, Architecture, Seascapes

    Beautiful shots julianhj... and Phal.. man, they make me want to book a holiday!! :D
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    Wedding (RAW)

    It was either giving the bride away, or making the video... they were our options.. so we decided that I would do the video and someone else would have the honour of giving away the bride. It was hard working at a wedding where you are related to the Bride and Groom.. and I had some extra...
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    Sigma 35mm f1.4....?!!

    That does make sense because you want to satisfy yourself in the knowledge that you are getting the very best results that you can, and the beneficiaries of that are your clients.
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    Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 EX DG OS HSM opinions?

    My go to portrait lens taken...Yep, yesterday now..
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    Sigma 35mm f1.4....?!!

    I shot this whole video with the Sigma 35mm 1.4, it's a series of raw files...
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    Shri Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara

    I wanted to test the ML fir_1.2.3 RAW so I went to the local Sikh Temple..rec_raw and mlv working perfectly on 17th March build. Its been a joy to work with, both camera's are loaded.. oh and the ML guys have managed to fix the bootflag problem..