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  1. sunama

    BARGAIN - OcUK 24" with DVI (*VA Panel) for £179.99+VAT (This Week Only Deal!!)

    For the record, I still have this in my bedroom and use it mainly for watching movies and tv shows. It's a fantastic VA monitor which offers very good blacks (superior to the IPS and TN monitors still being sold today). The only negative (compared to monitors of today), is its power usage. It...
  2. sunama

    Indy 500 - Alonso

    I think he needs to drive a car which does not have the word, "HONDA" on it. :p
  3. sunama

    Indy 500 - Alonso

    Yep. Same here. Years ago, when Mansell was in his pomp, he was racing the Indy500. He was leading up until the last yellow flag. On the restart, he got overtaken by 2 cars and finished 3rd. With regards to Alonso, although I have believed that he is the fastest driver in F1, having been in a...
  4. sunama

    Indy 500 - Alonso

    Is he going to come back to McLaren, after this?
  5. sunama

    Indy 500 - Alonso

    Alonso is finally in a car which can over-take!!!
  6. sunama

    WenGo or WenStay?

    As a MUFC supporter, Wenger must stay. If he leaves, AFC may become title contenders and I just don't want that to happen. While Wenger stays, they won't be winning the title anytime, in the next 10 years.
  7. sunama

    McLaren Honda

    That's not how I remembered it. The season started with only the Brawn cars using the double diffuser. They were massively quicker than everybody else. Once other teams had established why they were so fast, they developed their own double and triple decker diffusers. By the middle of the...
  8. sunama

    Australian Grand Prix 2017, Melbourne - Race 1/20

    I haven't commented on F1 for a while now, simply because there is very little competition and it has become the Mercedes show. By rights, Hamilton should have won almost every race, during the last few years. For commedy though, I do keep tabs on McLaren. And I see that they continue to go...
  9. sunama

    How to get away with murder Has anybody been watching this? Season 1 and 2 are excellent. I watched season 2 in an 8 hour marathon, it was so addictive. Season 3 isn't too great.
  10. sunama

    Transmit data

    Transmit GPS Data from Android Phone to Laptop I want to run my laptop (which has a wifi dongle) in an isolated location, out doors with no router. I want to run my android mobile phone in the same isolated location. I then want to transmit my GPS co-ordinates to the laptop, via wifi. For the...
  11. sunama

    Report a shady employer?

    ...and that would be theft, which in most parts of the World, is a crime.
  12. sunama

    Report a shady employer?

    Do you have any proof that this is absolutely going on? A lot of keyboard warriors in here (who I assume are very young) are advising you to go gung-ho, but what you should do is collect evidence, then contact the relevant authorities, only if the evidence you have points to some wrong-doing...
  13. sunama

    Carrie Fisher - Heart Attack - Now deceased

    If she was not breathing for 10 minutes, am I right in thinking that brain damage is almost a certainty? If so, a full recovery looks unlikely. I hope she makes it. I was looking through the George Michael thread, when Carrie Fisher's name came up.
  14. sunama

    Supplements the debate/discussion thread

    For bulking I think "real" food is always the best. Whey protein for a top-up...but real food is where it's at if you want to add weight. Yep. That's real food, right there. Of course, whey protein powder is a very cheap form of protein, so I can well understand it if you are on a budget or...
  15. sunama

    Show us your kitty cats

    Sorry for your loss Randall
  16. sunama

    The Arsenal Club Thread **No Spoilers**Updated Rules - Please read before posting**

    So, you are saying that Wenger has simply given up? By that token, maybe AFC shouldn't even bother sending their first team to away games because they'll probably lose. Why go through the hassle of travelling so far? And maybe AFC fans who spend big money on buying season tickets should also...
  17. sunama

    Show us your kitty cats

    Oh my.
  18. sunama

    Show us your kitty cats

    I'd love to do something like that, but it's not really feasible where I live. Make sure your wire netting is strong, as cats will bit and claw away at it and over a period of weeks, will tear a hole in it. Also, the point at which the sides meet the ground (decking). Make sure that is...
  19. sunama

    Show us your kitty cats

    Cat Years - Human Years Converter My 8 year old cat is the equivalent of a 50 year old human!!!
  20. sunama

    What film did you watch last night?

    I do agree with this. But given that 30+ years have passed, this is not necessarily a bad thing. I gave this movie 9/10 simply because it kept me on the edge of my seat. And despite being 2hrs+, I was not clock watching. The pace of the movie kept me wanting for more and even at the end...