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  1. LewisStuart

    Virgin Media Discussion Thread

    Twitch also down
  2. LewisStuart

    Virgin Media Discussion Thread

    Yes, just lost YouTube here
  3. LewisStuart

    Best small matx case

    Budget? Fractal design mini c would be my choice.
  4. LewisStuart

    Raspberry Pi - $35 Linux computer

    Any harm in using phone power supplys that have 'Turbo Power' or 'Faster Charging', the ones that do 5v 9v 12v etc? I used one last night and the pi was red hot just checking youtube :eek:
  5. LewisStuart

    Virgin Media Discussion Thread
  6. LewisStuart

    Fractal Design - Define R6 Blackout Type-C

    Should be ok, just took the dust filter off my R6 to check. I have the 360 H150i pro in the roof.
  7. LewisStuart

    Tidal & MQA Question (Another One!)

    Yes, If you have a strong 4G signal streaming flac will be fine, On Tidal HiFi it will sometimes take a few secs to start playing a track but generally does not buffer on 4G, I could be wrong but I think Tidal starts to download the next track just before the current one finishes.
  8. LewisStuart

    Tidal & MQA Question (Another One!)

    I use Tidal Hi-Fi with Android Auto, a Mi 8 connected to a Pioneer AVIC-F70DAB, It shows Master on the phone app but don't know what the actual quality I'm getting will be.
  9. LewisStuart

    Motors YouTube Videos

    Having a go with the VXR :p
  10. LewisStuart

    Looking for a decent & modular option.

    Evga 650w G2 is what I would go for, can be had around £58.
  11. LewisStuart

    Cloudflare launches new Public DNS

    Average ping from a virginmedia line in Scotland Ping to VM DNS = 13ms Ping to Google = 25ms Ping to Sky DNS = 29ms Ping to Cloudflare DNS = 34ms Ping to Open DNS = 52ms
  12. LewisStuart

    Good Cheap Server - HP Proliant Microserver 4 BAY - OWNERS THREAD

    Thanks, Do you know how do I go about mounting the iso via virtual drives? Is it in the iLO?, the server is clean with no OS.
  13. LewisStuart

    Good Cheap Server - HP Proliant Microserver 4 BAY - OWNERS THREAD

    Anyone have a guide on how to put the latest SPP on to the Gen8? I tried making a bootable USB key with the iso but the server won't boot from it.
  14. LewisStuart

    Motors YouTube Videos

  15. LewisStuart

    ebay headsup - ** You're too late, it's over now **

    Picked up a Tab S2 9.7 for £239.20
  16. LewisStuart

    This is going to blow up..

    So my 6 card mining rig is good for a gang bang??
  17. LewisStuart

    United States Grand Prix 2017, Austin - Race 17/20

    thought pj & duncan was on there
  18. LewisStuart

    Spec me a Double DIN unit

    I picked up a used Pioneer F70DAB for £300 on ebay a few weeks ago. Was looking for a while mind. Android auto will use Google maps from your phone so bang up to date.