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  1. Raumarik

    ******Official Star Citizen / Squadron 42 Thread******

    Hehe more excuses. Come back in Q1 2023 and let's see if they hit the mark on that. :)
  2. Raumarik

    This Johnny Depp Stuff

    I believe we watch the same channels lol
  3. Raumarik

    slow pc game recommends

  4. Raumarik

    This Johnny Depp Stuff

    Test this on the members market, let me know how the mods react :)
  5. Raumarik

    Ideas for solo holiday 2022?

    Rent a cottage on the Scottish coast for a week, as close to the sea as possible but within walking distance of a little pub. Spend the week chilling out. I did this a few years ago, was the best holiday of my life. Wife and daughter tagged along unfortunately :D
  6. Raumarik

    Too much backing up?

    There are products to backup M365 tenancy contents just in case. Likewise many companies will have a tertiary backup which is largely offline/air gapped or immutable, not always everything but documents which are the crown jewels or need to be permanently preserved for legal reasons.
  7. Raumarik

    Office 365 Admin

    Why would you want to? You are putting all of those businesses at risk by linking management of them to a single account. I've dealt with businesses who have had their admin accounts hijacked, it's not pretty.
  8. Raumarik

    This is getting ridiculous (energy prices)

    Draughtproofing is a big one especially in old council houses like mine. I will be getting our windows done at some point but getting our roof replaced helped a lot (no loft as attic conversion) but even keeping doors closed can help trap that heat in.
  9. Raumarik

    Objections to Keir Starmer as PM?

    I've no issue with legalising weed, but I'd want a lot of government backed studies into it the long term effects first so we don't go down the tobacco route again. A lot of the guys I know who have smoked it for years have mental health issues, personally I think they'd have had them anyway...
  10. Raumarik

    Camelot Unchained - Kickstarter (for the DAoC fans)

    Thid was great as there was no pressure, quick respawn and most people doing it where just having a laugh. The people walking up to enemy keeps and dancing so the stealthers could one shot those who took the bait :D
  11. Raumarik

    ******Official Star Citizen / Squadron 42 Thread******

    Very true mate. The throttle is amazing but the stick is a bit average :)
  12. Raumarik

    ******Official Star Citizen / Squadron 42 Thread******

    The peripheral market is very much a place of fanboy factions. Virpil, VKB etc you can find someone to say one is better than the other. Reminds me of people arguing over the best mechanical keyboard, it's very personal and "this one is heavier duty - better materials etc" is fairly meaningless...
  13. Raumarik

    ******Official Star Citizen / Squadron 42 Thread******

    VKB are a great quality manufacturer who make excellent products. I had their pedals at one point. The original T1600Ms were the best, green LEDs, I still have mine and prefer it over my Warthog tbh. The T16000Ms can also be run dual stick if you want as they have grips which come with a left...
  14. Raumarik

    ******Official Star Citizen / Squadron 42 Thread******

    Keyboard and mouse are fine, honestly it's also the easiest way to play. If you absolutely feel you must the T16000m stick or set (with throttle) are probably best bang for buck. Setting it up can be a pain though. I generally don't bother these days.
  15. Raumarik

    What are some of the most unique eye catching things you have seen in a house viewing?

    We went to view a house about 12 years ago. Was very memorable as the young couple had a stripper pole in the living room. Not a cheap temporary one either, properly installed with it's own little dedicated flooring around it too. That wasn't the oddest thing though, the sofas in the room were...
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    ******Official Star Citizen / Squadron 42 Thread******

    What CPU mate? It can impact performance substantially, just as Humbug. Ideally 6 core+ If you are not throttled too much by CPU then you are likely looking at 30-35FPS in space and ~20 in cities. Medium settings and 1080P. That's ball park it won't be great but it will also vary depending on...
  17. Raumarik

    Camelot Unchained - Kickstarter (for the DAoC fans)

    There's a few of us old DAOC players on OCUK :) I'm waiting on Kainz turning up :) Anyone got old vids/screenshots to share? I'll try and find mine ! I played beta on US servers (Guinevere) then Excal/Prydwen on EU when GOA were busy making a mess of it. I did PVP but mostly scouting and...
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    ******Official Star Citizen / Squadron 42 Thread******

    The whole buying ships thing - I get it they are expensive. But let's not pretend people aren't thumping a fortune into mobile games and stuff like Genshin Impact, Roblox etc. It's become the norm. I don't really like it either and SC takes it to a sickening level - but these are adults...
  19. Raumarik

    Garden Shed help

    Don't rush, prep a base. Either level those slabs you have or lay a simple concrete foundation that's a few inches thick. Not expensive or difficult to do but worth it in the long run. Personally I'd bolt the thing down at the corners inside using timber. Doesn't have to be huge. If you can...
  20. Raumarik

    ******Official Star Citizen / Squadron 42 Thread******

    It's not the size or power of Humbugs CPU that matters, it's what he does with it that counts. Counts really slowly mind you, but it does count.