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  1. BrightonBelle

    Warning: Spoilers ahead ***Avengers: Endgame - Official Thread!***

    Thank you! Well unlike most, I didn’t have the luxury of seeing the film on my own and watched it at a baby club screening so was rather distracted. I often don’t remember films as it is anyway. How utterly dreadful of me to ask questions about a film in the discussion thread! :o BB x
  2. BrightonBelle

    Warning: Spoilers ahead ***Avengers: Endgame - Official Thread!***

    Ok thank you! Must have gone over my head. Also... Think I’m going to have to watch it again as I was clearly distracted! TIA. BB x
  3. BrightonBelle

    Warning: Spoilers ahead ***Avengers: Endgame - Official Thread!***

    Hi not sure if this has been discussed in this thread... Not a major observation but wondered if anyone else noticed! BB x
  4. BrightonBelle

    RIP forum member Jono

    Yup remember those meets :( Thanks for all of the posts, memories and donations guys. BB x
  5. BrightonBelle

    Posting your cv on a job site

    Try LinkedIn. Recruiters use that more these days. Make sure you turn off ''broadcast my profile updates" as good recruiters will know this is a sign that you're thinking of moving on ;) What are you looking for? BB x
  6. BrightonBelle

    OCUK founder Spie passes away

    News travels fast. Just logged back in to share my condolences. It is because of him we have this great community and a great bunch of friends. Thoughts to you all RIP x
  7. BrightonBelle

    Women who wear ties ?

    I have worn a tie before. What's the big deal? :confused: BB x
  8. BrightonBelle

    OCUK Civilized South-Eastern Lunch MkIX (Now with more something!) - 11/02/2017

    Can someone please add Volvo V40 to the list :D ha ha. Nice to meet you all. A great turnout! BB x
  9. BrightonBelle

    Team evening out

    If money no object what about one of those Escape games? BB x
  10. BrightonBelle

    Good desserts in London?

    ********* Luxury Gelato - I think it does crepes and waffles 102 Wardour St, London W1F 0TP 020 7287 1045 L'ETO - is next door to Hummingbird Bakery...but I dare you to look at the desserts and cakes in the window and not go in! 155 Wardour St, London W1F 8WG 020...
  11. BrightonBelle

    Suicide Squad (2016)

    Thanks! :) BB x
  12. BrightonBelle

    Suicide Squad (2016)

    Can someone please outline in spoiler tags, what happened in the extra scene in the end credits? :) Thanks! BB x
  13. BrightonBelle

    Selling the Mrs' excess breast milk - Is it legal?

    This ^^^ also it is probably more uncomfortable when your OH's boobs are full all the time. BB x
  14. BrightonBelle

    Selling the Mrs' excess breast milk - Is it legal?

    You should donate it to premature babies / mothers who can't breastfeed, not sell it :/ Also, there is a dadsnet thread on here that is more appropriate for this question. Unless you didn't require a sensible answer of course. BB x
  15. BrightonBelle

    royal mail 2nd class

    Just think worst case scenario is three days, then you'll be pleasantly surprised. BB x
  16. BrightonBelle

    Caustic Soda

    A child who is old enough to go to the Asian shop unsupervised, would more often than not be going for a reason other than to purchase Caustic Soda I should think. However, a child who is not old enough to realise what it is and is lured by the shiny bottle would be in the shop supervised by...
  17. BrightonBelle

    Renting - Letting Agent Fees - Advice On Haggling

    'Fees'! :mad: /steps away from thread. BB x
  18. BrightonBelle

    OcUK Dadsnet thread

    Cute photos :) I personally couldn't bear going into John Lewis/Mothercare and being bombarded with the millions of buggies and travel systems that are available. Fortunately have had a few friends who have had kids so can do my research and go for what is tried and tested rather than what the...
  19. BrightonBelle

    OcUK Dadsnet thread

    There was a good thread started with tips and suggestions of what to buy/not to buy. Perhaps this could be added to the first post? BB x
  20. BrightonBelle

    4 day UK break in UK (Pregnant Fiancee in tow)

    It's the heat element mainly and the higher risk of feeling faint from it. Somewhere that could do pregnancy massages might be a shout - but check with them for sure before you book. BB x