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  1. jonessa

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone)

    Anyone found a fix for intermittent 6068 errors? I've searched and the last post about this was back in March. Since the last update, these are frustratingly frequent and unpredictable. Crashed whilst I was sat idle in the menu earlier......
  2. jonessa

    10850 for gaming - am I wasting money?

    I've decided it's time to upgrade. PC is used for nothing but Gaming and basic admin. 10850 was on my list, but i've seen a great deal on an 11600k (£150 less for the build overall) Is this the better option given my usage?
  3. jonessa

    Time to upgrade due to bottleneck? Advice please

    Good tip on the 11000 series - I'm not in a rush, but i'm fearful prices will still be pretty high (despite some sources stating they will actually be cheaper than previous gen?) Is there going to be a similar issue with stock and price inflation above what has been quoted though?
  4. jonessa

    Time to upgrade due to bottleneck? Advice please

    Horses for courses I guess. If you can buy a 3090 you've clearly got enough spare cheddar to get all of the latest tech whenever you want. :p. I'd love a 3090, but can't justify £2k on a card that will likely only be used for a few hours a week. Alderlake will require the latest in Mobo tech...
  5. jonessa

    Time to upgrade due to bottleneck? Advice please

    There's "not too far away" and then there's "available to buy". I think £100 for a brand new card with an extra 20% was a fair price to pay. 4000 series sounds nice, but at what price/availability? I can't see the silicon shortage getting much better in the next 12 months.
  6. jonessa

    Time to upgrade due to bottleneck? Advice please

    But are you suggesting that the CPU isn't the issue here?
  7. jonessa

    Time to upgrade due to bottleneck? Advice please

    I'm beginning to see it as a fairly minor upgrade. Given the price I've managed to sell my 1070ti for, it was relatively inexpensive (circa £100) given it's the latest Gen. However, for new tech, i was expecting more and hoping the CPU bottleneck has something to do with it. (It's an I5...
  8. jonessa

    Time to upgrade due to bottleneck? Advice please

    Yeah - running at 1440p doesn't seem to really improve it, especially in warzone. I'm not particularly clued up on which games are more CPU intensive these days, but i'd imagine they probably perform better on a newer processor with more than 4 cores! My 1070ti had quite a good overclock on...
  9. jonessa

    Time to upgrade due to bottleneck? Advice please

    So, this woeful tale starts with my PSU failing. I decided to buy something decent in preparation for an eventual upgrade (1000w Seasonic) in order to replace it. I then (partly on a whim) managed to bag a 3060 last week at launch. I've installed it and i'm.... underwhelmed. The performance...
  10. jonessa

    Psu for Rtx 3090 and 10850K

    I was looking at building similar and was hoping an 850w would be sufficient?
  11. jonessa

    GPU upgrade vs full upgrade

    Best monitoring tool? Thanks EsaT - i'm running a GSync monitor, up to 144hz. I understand the concept of cores' impact on performance, but my understanding was that some games don't necessarily suffer too much if only 4 cores are still in play. I also am not doing anything else at the same...
  12. jonessa

    GPU upgrade vs full upgrade

    Hi all, Running a 1070ti with a 4690k overclocked to (I think, 4.3ghz - not at it atm) and 16gb of fast RAM. Considering upgrading to an RTX 2070 - mainly playing MW/GTA Online. Not doing anything like rendering or editing, purely a gaming machine. Is my CPU likely to be throttling my...
  13. jonessa

    Is now the time to upgrade?

    Hi all, Have been running a 4690k (Oc'd), 1070ti (Previously a 970) 16gb RAM etc. for 18 months now. I appreciate for more modern games, my CPU is the weak point. I mainly play FPS and am currently really enjoying MW - averaging around 80+ fps on decent settings, which i'm ok with. Upgrading...
  14. jonessa

    Powerline adapters for gaming

    They're about 20ft away as the crow flies. Would they still show as the same Wifi? I often have to reconnect the hub to the qbox when it goes down. Does it sound like a fault?
  15. jonessa

    Powerline adapters for gaming

    It was a new install a couple of months ago with Sky Q. I got told the Sky Q box itself was a WIFI repeater - not feeling that's the case though!? EDIT: Removed the word "mate". Made me look like a chav.
  16. jonessa

    New TV .....what to buy?

    I bought a B8 2 months ago. Staggering upgrade from a KS7000. You won't be disappointed with OLED, whatever you buy.
  17. jonessa

    What watch do you wear?

    My BIL did this. Wafting it around like a Rolex Daytona. Please.....
  18. jonessa

    Powerline adapters for gaming

    Hmmm... I was looking at getting some of these, as the WIFI to my TV occasionally drops. It's not feasible to run a cable. If I didn't go with the powerline, what's the best way to improve the WIFI signal from a Sky hub?
  19. jonessa

    Samsung KS7000 55" > LG OLED 55"?

    I got a 55 inch B8 TODAY to replace my KS7000 - I cracked the screen when moving house so had to replace. I've watched about an hour and the difference is night and day. OLED is staggering. I paid £979 from RS today (price beater vs. Peter Tyson)
  20. jonessa

    Samsung RU8000 vs LG Nano Cell

    Picked up the B8 this afternoon. Set it up and watched a little bit of 4k Blue planet. Jaw dropping. Thanks for all the help and advice. The £300 saved is going on a new tv table and a few other bits and bobs.