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  1. neil3k

    P & O Ferries

    Scummy behaviour.
  2. neil3k

    P & O Ferries

    Rumours are they're going to sack all their sailing staff and replace them with agency staff.
  3. neil3k

    *** The official iPhone 13 (mini/pro/max) thread (The Pro Max has 120 Hz and everything!) ***

    Did anyone upgrade from a standard iphone 11? was it worth it?
  4. neil3k

    Family estate cars

    Ended up buying a V90 Rdesign Pro D4. Happy with it.
  5. neil3k

    Family estate cars

    Well the boot has to be big enough for a labrador and two kids. Petrol preferably and defo auto. it also needs to have apple car play
  6. neil3k

    Family estate cars

    I'm sure it's lovely but the massive phablet on the dash really puts me off.
  7. neil3k

    Family estate cars

    but it's hideous :D
  8. neil3k

    Family estate cars

    Have got a new job so sadly my time with the company car scheme at VW has to end. Has anyone got suggestions for a family estate under £30 grand? Would prefer automatic and the miles i do Petrol is probably the better choice.
  9. neil3k

    Bulb - Finally going into Administration

    gets transferred to new provider.
  10. neil3k

    Laurence Fox

    At least he has killed his career.
  11. neil3k

    What PC games are you playing?

    HOI4 and EUIV :D
  12. neil3k

    *** GB News *** (stay on topic!)

    it will be **** like Fox news :D
  13. neil3k

    Europa Universalis IV

    Anyone still playing this? Got a mamluks ironman game going currently and bullying the ottomans
  14. neil3k

    Worst tv advert?

    The Asda bloke.
  15. neil3k

    What TV shows are you currently watching

    For all mankind on Apple TV. But I love alt history stuff.
  16. neil3k

    The Suez Canal is currently not blocked

    My Sofas :(
  17. neil3k

    Census 2021

    did it today took me 5 mins
  18. neil3k

    7 Seater Recommendations

    Skoda Kodiacq gets a good write up
  19. neil3k

    What are the 30 year old plus gamers playing?

    36 Transport fever 2 EUIV WOWS