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    Rioting in London?

    We must remember that these riots are not just about a rise in tuition fees. It's about distrust in politics. A distrust in politics that made promises of transparency. The Lib Dems have fuelled anger in many young people who were deceived by their election promises.
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    Rioting in London?

    It's actually higher education fees they are protesting about. Further education refers to post-16 colleges and adult education centres - which in my opinion are largely underfunded and often overlooked.
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    The cinema...WTF !!!

    I used to go to the cinema fairly often but the rise in prices have recently put me off going. If I do go, then it tends to be on the Tuesday/Wednesday deals but even then I have to jostle with a large scrum of people who also want to pay reasonable prices to see a film.
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    Usage of the word "gay"

    If having babies was the only point of a relationship then society would've found a more efficiency way of reproducing by now.
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    Awkward moments

    I usually end up saying something really stupid to break the silence
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    Does such a theorem/principle exist?

    Weirdly enough I'm writing an essay about this sort of thing... There's a few theories floating around on this. Check out a chap called Alan D. Baddeley. He's written a few books on the theories of human memory. The following is taken from The Essentials of Human Memory: Hope this helps
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    Tekken Tag 2

    Woefully disappointed by Tekken 6 also. Shoddily put together with a distinct lack of slickness. The loading times were enough to get on my nerves, not to mention the ridiculously thought-out end boss on arcade mode. The series peaked at Tekken 3. TT2 has a lot of convincing to do if I'm to...
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    The object to your left...

    Right Guard Extreme. That'll come in handy together with a lighter
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    Government Minister in attempt to ban Video Game.... again!

    Any publicity = good publicity Electronic Arts should be patting him on the back.
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    uk tourist arrested in portugal for suspected taking pictures of children

    I think you have to look into the circumstances of how something like this could happen. As a photographer it is often best practice and also polite to ask permission of a parent or person before taking images of a 'personal' nature. I do not however, believe taking a photograph should be...
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    Best album production and sound quality?

    Love Dave Fridmann's work with MGMT and The Flaming Lips. But I also like lo-fi stuff as demonstrated on the album Free the Bees by The Bees.
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    Tekken Movie Trailer

    I've been around long enough to learn to avoid game to movie adaptations. Games are games. Movies are movies.
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    anyone know an MP3 that works properly?

    Sansa Fuze for me. Works like a charm. And plays FLAC if you're that way inclined.
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    How to break your 5D Mark II in a split second

    Thanks for reminding me about this. Think I'm gonna carve a warning in the back of my 7D, just to be on the safe side!
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    Wimbledon 2010 *Spoilers in here*

    Amazing game. I'm finding the special presentation a bit cringe worthy though. Is this really necessary?
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    Spec me a graphic novel...

    V for Vendetta is a good one. A hundred times more enjoyable than the film.
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    Caught in a trap...

    Tis a striking shot and one which I was not expecting. For that reason I think a word of warning in the thread title may have been useful for some.
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    Sony Vegas errors really slowing down progress :(

    Don't know what else to suggest to be honest. Been there and done it. It's really difficult to pinned down problems like these.
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    Sony Vegas errors really slowing down progress :(

    I had a problem like this. If you go into Options > Preferences > Video tab, you can set the Dynamic RAM preview to zero to stop this happening. Try rebooting if it doesn't work first time. It's really stupid though as it takes an age to render stuff, but at least it renders!! Unfortunately...
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    Filmwise Invisibles

    :) The copy and paste from IMDB saved me some time