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  1. Orifice

    Redoing the En Suite

    Mapei Ultralight S2 has an 8hr pot life.
  2. Orifice

    *** Forum Update - Official Issues Thread - Please check the OP for known issues ***

    Not really a new forum thing, but the clearance line URLs are 404 except for the one on "For Sale PC Hardware & Software"
  3. Orifice

    Fence panels

    Looks like a fairly standard closeboard panel, although the amount of supports varies depending on manufacturer.
  4. Orifice

    Polishing my (copper) pipes. Ooh Err!

    I've used wax for stopping copper tarnishing, although that was on a lampshade and not practical for heating pipes. If you dont want shrouds you could replace the pipe with chrome plated...
  5. Orifice

    Anyone elso think this is grotesque

    Looks like a spitting image puppet :confused:
  6. Orifice

    Thermostat knowledge needed Out of stock there, but does give you a part number you can google to get the below, which shows delivery in a few days...
  7. Orifice

    The nervous wait to exchange....

    Finally exchanged today for completion Monday, the whole house buying/selling process really is a nightmare, hopefully by the time I plan on moving again something might have changed.
  8. Orifice

    The nervous wait to exchange....

    There are no legal restrictions on it, I'd guess liability in the event of an accident/incident would be another thing.
  9. Orifice

    The nervous wait to exchange....

    Almost all estate agent listings will cover themselves with something like... "These particulars and any pictures or plans represent the opinion of the author, excluding vendor comments, and are given in good faith for guidance only and must not be construed as statement of fact." Its always...
  10. Orifice

    What watch do you wear?

    Got rid of the slightly dubious blue strap, still not quite sure which strap colour works best.
  11. Orifice

    What watch do you wear?

    Is that real? Rather rough lume application.
  12. Orifice

    Blackout curtains/blinds?

    The only real black out blinds I've found are the BlocOut by Bloc blinds. Certainly not a cheap option though. Think it cost us just under £200 per window, and that was a few years ago.
  13. Orifice

    Patio lighting options

    Techmar garden lights are good, 12v wired rather than solar but incredibly easy to put together. Can be added to sensors/wireless switching etc.
  14. Orifice

    What watch do you wear?

    Nice to see Breitling have released some watches that don't look like someones been sick all over them. Particularly like the pistachio green dial version.
  15. Orifice

    Last of the V8s

    Changed this for an Audi S4, nice car but wish I hadnt dropped the V8. Contemplating changing to an E63 or RS6 next year, for the last V8 experience.
  16. Orifice

    Spec me some salt & pepper grinders

    The OXO good grips are the best I've used. £23 each, but I've had them for over 6 years and still work perfectly.
  17. Orifice

    **** Official OnePlus 8/OnePlus 8 Pro Thread ****

    Oxygen 11 is available via the updater. Nice to have AOD available, although will see what sort of toll it takes on battery life. Version is Oxygen OS 11.IN21BA
  18. Orifice

    What watch do you wear?

    I'm 50/50 on it at the moment, will probably change it. Also comes with bracelet but I already have three other watches so trying to move away from them. Tempted by a light honey leather strap, just unsure it'll work.
  19. Orifice

    What watch do you wear?

    Been considering a Seiko Presage for a while, always liked the dials. Couldn't resist this colour.
  20. Orifice

    What watch do you wear?

    Bit of an impulse buy in town today, slight unsure about the thickness still but I'm sure it'll grow on me.