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  1. JonnyG1982

    INNO3D RTX 3080 10G LHR @ £789 and KFA2 RTX 3080 10G LHR @ £839

    Yep, too little too late. Seems bit insulting been charged still over msrp best part of 2 years later when new cards about to come out which appear to thrash these cards. This isn't a go at OCUK specifically, I just meant across the board from any seller right now. Good work though to OCUK...
  2. JonnyG1982

    opinions please 3080 suprim

    LHR card and still over £1200 haha!
  3. JonnyG1982

    Why is it so difficult to pull the trigger these days?

    Yeah like some of you have said, in the past when some new games landed I guess we were almost forced to upgrade if you wanted to play with all the bells & whistles otherwise it was dropping settings and low frames and that was a no no :) The GTX980ti is what, 6 years old? I have had it for 4...
  4. JonnyG1982

    Why is it so difficult to pull the trigger these days?

    Maybe its an age thing, i don't game as much as i use to. Maybe its because all my games run fine. Maybe its because im not bothered in overclocking for 3dmark scores like in the past. Overclocking cpu/gpus for benches use to be a real fun challenge. Maybe its the chore of just starting again...
  5. JonnyG1982

    Let's compare actual cost

    Like Haggisman "980ti Zotac Amp! Omega from OcUK for the absolute bargain price of £319" think just over 4 years ago is my last card. Before that i upgraded like every year from 2001-2016. Use to be fun but prices have been ruined with the RTX20 series. Lets think, in no particular order i...
  6. JonnyG1982

    The best and worst graphics card box art of all time

    Bringing back some memories. Uni, counter strike, cheaper prices, fun overclocking, 3dmark 2000, 2001 & 03. I miss it
  7. JonnyG1982

    3080Ti listing live

    Ridiculous prices all around but the the difference between models for ultimately the same card is even more ludicrous
  8. JonnyG1982

    6900 XT Merc Black, Always been Nvidia, do I switch?

    Maybe you should of just enjoyed the luck of getting a product at rrp instead of then taking advantage of people to flip a profit. This forum is full of people who cannot get the product at sensible prices or have been sat in queues for 6 month+ also having purchased at higher prices. Just don't...
  9. JonnyG1982

    6900 XT Merc Black, Always been Nvidia, do I switch?

    Yawn. Part of the problem
  10. JonnyG1982

    NVIDIA announces GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti

    Just saw the announcement. Got lost at the start when he said "new flagship GAMING gpu".
  11. JonnyG1982

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti to be "available" on June 3rd, RTX 3070Ti on June 10th

    It's a pity people will buy these and ultimately give the thumbs up that it's OK to charge this much while complaining about the price. Seems completely illogical if correct. More than a rtx3090 for less performance and worse for mining on. Who is this targeted for? Shafting gamers further who...
  12. JonnyG1982

    6700xt in stock at ocuk

    Careful, that's competition talk :).
  13. JonnyG1982

    £1200 for an rx6800xt?!

    Forget loyalty, its dead, look elsewhere, or just forget pcs for a while and enjoy the freedom of been allowed to go back outside and see people again. Theres more to life than epenis waving. O, and if an employee of OCUK happens to walk into your shop remember to shove up all your prices haha! :)
  14. JonnyG1982

    Order cancellation

    Without going into the business argument taking place above, I would say that I think it was wrong for OCUK to take so many pre orders but also people were stupid to hand their money over and queue up in these ridiculous lines. Perhaps at first it was OK as we didn't know how long it would take...
  15. JonnyG1982

    This is what a scalper looks like..

    She would probably complain if someone ripped her and her family off for goods/services...... ....when i create the medicine to fix long necks ill take her to the cleaners.
  16. JonnyG1982

    The NOT Buying a Graphics Card Thread!!!

    On a side note I think it's terrible people here at OCUK forum are also buying to scalp. It's a vicious circle. Buy it for yourself and don't be part of the problem.
  17. JonnyG1982

    The NOT Buying a Graphics Card Thread!!!

    Problem for me is I skipped the gtx1080 and the rtx2080 so pretty desperate to upgrade as its been 5 years since treated myself to a new card (gtx980ti). Even more desperate is the need to upgrade the main system as been on sandy 2500k for like 10 years (and that was a side grade from a i7 920)...
  18. JonnyG1982


    Terrible price even with offer. But respect to ocuk for doing something others won't.
  19. JonnyG1982

    todays price hike on 30 series stuff?

    Strange considering how strong the £ is getting, imagine it was still only getting $1.2. Amazing how it only works one way :). I was really hoping to upgrade having skipped gtx1080 and the joke rtx2000 series. Now just as something reasonable lands this happens. Cba with it. Mugs paying these...
  20. JonnyG1982

    Second hand price insanity!

    I just think its a shame The Chez obviously bought multiple gpus to give him a good chance of getting at least one (but hopefully multiple cards) then profiteering off the dire state of situation with any surplus he got to shaft the rest of us who cant get one/refuse to be victim to the...