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  1. Techen

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    IGN video review gave it a 8/10 so scored pretty highly. Most likely drag even more people into the game.
  2. Techen

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    It's 3v3 or free for all or 1v1 where the looser is replaced by someone else. There's also PvP islands where anything goes.
  3. Techen

    Why are retailers charging so much over rrp.

    I think it's easier for people to blame the retailer as alot of people don't think of a supplier. Suppliers are terrible for price hiking cards at the moment and you only really get special prices if you buy something silly like 500 units
  4. Techen

    Why are retailers charging so much over rrp.

    My father owns a local computer shop with major suppliers in the UK and you should see what the suppliers are charging for GPUs, to buy a single low end 3060 it's 600 before you add on your profit. Makes it impossible for little stores to sell GPUs and make any money.
  5. Techen

    RTX 3050 - starting at $249 (msrp)

    Oof those prices were a tiny bit higher than I was expecting lol
  6. Techen

    Rise adapter vertical

    There would be zero gain using a gen 4 riser over a gen 3 riser.
  7. Techen

    NVIDIA RTX 30 Founders Edition get a 6% price increase

    Even at those prices there still good value, Still waiting to see the AMD founders shop make its return in the UK....
  8. Techen

    *** The Official Battlefield 2042 thread***

    Been playing for the past 5-6 hours since launch, Enjoying it alot. Portal is fun and 2042 is a blast. 3060 and a 12600kf running at around 100-130fps
  9. Techen

    ****** The Official OCUK Cinebench R23 Benchmark Thread ******

    12600kf at 5.1ghz
  10. Techen

    Alder Lake-S leaks

    AMD fanboys are out in force it seems, Attacking YouTubers all over for being non bias and such. Just insane honestly.
  11. Techen

    Royal Mail rant incoming...

    It confuses me why people assume posties would nick these parcels. Risk loosing your 500 quid a week job over some hair straighteners with a amazing pension plan. We all get background checked before applying, we are not Hermes or amazon where they aren’t actually hired by the company. But yes...
  12. Techen

    Royal Mail rant incoming...

    I work for royal mail, Just over 6 years now. You learn very quickly that RMSD items are not to be messed with. Posties do no touch or steal these items, They are tracked end to end, We are tracked on duty all the time. Our stops are checked, Door time check and even our vans now have trackers...
  13. Techen

    *** The Official Battlefield 2042 thread***

    I like healing from a distance, am not going to revive you if you get sniped in the open. So dart into ass is all good here. Besides the maps are massive, atleast the one I played in alpha. I doubt many people will go medic, most people will just camp and snipe.
  14. Techen

    New World MMO

    22 hours here and lvl 24. Going to stop here I think and wait for release. Don’t wanna burn out early :p
  15. Techen

    New World MMO

    So after around 25 hours am now 25 and a half. Done the first dungeon and pvp, so far I still enjoy the game but levelling is getting much harder now, I find myself with side quests and story quests that are 3-4 levels higher than me and faction missions don’t really give me that much exp now...
  16. Techen

    Can a game kill a GPU?

    my friend also owns a gigabyte 3090 and it died in valheim, me and him have been playing new world with his replacement and it’s been fine. It’s definitely not the games fault. Seems like cheap parts
  17. Techen

    Escape from Tarkov

    having a lot of fun in labs with no raiders and only the boss and his guards. Easy exp and gear sets for days, had a blast last night.
  18. Techen

    NVIDIA announces GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti

    People seem to forget the 2080ti was the same price as the 3080ti lol
  19. Techen

    Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

    I have a non pro 5, Has samsung memory if anyones wondering RTX 3070 I have a question though, How does HDR work?. I enable it in the settings but theres only "Stream HDR" no "Enable HDR" which means I can't play any games in HDR or watch HDR youtube or disney plus stuff as it sees it as disabled?
  20. Techen

    3090FE - changing Thermal pads

    Pretty sure nvidia confirmed pad changes have no effect on warranty.