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  1. henson0115

    The AMD Driver Thread

    sure thing putin these days...
  2. henson0115

    Bethesda Launcher shutting down

    nice 1 more launcher we can all get rid off..
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    Moving desktop upstairs aways from TV and using a Nvidia Shield.

    the shield will mostly just work out of the box hassle free, been doing a very similar thing for years and whilst you can do a similar thing via other methods, nothing quite works as nicely as the shield. not sure what the fascination is with 4k 120hz especially with streaming.. but your not...
  4. henson0115

    i7 4770 to i7 6700, worth the hassle?

    it will likely only be single digit differences to low double digits uplift, however the platform is newer such as nvme etc and so might be worth it form that angle alone. i wouldn't expect much performance uplift however.
  5. henson0115

    Moving desktop upstairs aways from TV and using a Nvidia Shield.

    you can turn off the monitor, as thats what i do. however sometimes you need a monitor to sort out an issue every now and again.. if you are steam streaming for example.
  6. henson0115

    Why GPU prices are NOT likely to drop significantly EVER!

    How is this thread even still a thing. Surprised it's not been shut down now. Do we have any mods left anymore?
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    Enabling fTPM can cause stuttering on some Ryzen systems

    It's designed as encryption at rest for want of a better term. That's it, you seam to think the tpm stops malware or soemthing which which of course it doe not.... That's what your av is for obviously. Secure boot is another story but we are talking about tpm here purely for encryption.
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    New build is running - but Power LED flashing every second

    Maybe the header cables for the power and HDD are plugged in the wrong way around.
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    Enabling fTPM can cause stuttering on some Ryzen systems

    Are any of your solutions baked into windows without some kind of security chip? Now ask the same question to the millions of people of use windows and if they can do it without any help. Your missing the point, with a tpm which comes with 99percent of devices now, most people are not even aware...
  10. henson0115

    Enabling fTPM can cause stuttering on some Ryzen systems

    Considering encryption is required to pass iso 27001 security accreditation, I presume you don't have an i.t base work role. Encryption isn't always about stopping the flaws like you think it is. Think simpler, how about stopping someone stealing the contents of your drive. Don't underestimate a...
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    Warranty not honoured

    uk has very strict regulating rules on warranties, its quite easy to get a warranty honoured if the company doesn't want to play ball. tandc's don't override the law.
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    RTX 3050 - starting at $249 (msrp)

    why anyone would buy this at double the price, completely absurd price wise, if shipping prices have trippled, why dont all imported trade guys double in price? i dont buy it. (not saying you are lying, but someone in the chain is taking advantage, likely the reseller or whatever).
  13. henson0115

    New graphics card for pc video photo editing

    is the 970 struggling with photo editing? pretty sure a 1050/1060 would be a pointless upgrade for photo editing. if it is struggling i think you might want an 8gb card instead especially when working with bigger image sizes.
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    Nvidia Ampere vs AMD RDNA2, Who Won The GPU Generation (So Far)?

    i swear these posts are done to bait out arguments :D
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    Intel Arc Gameplay Trailer | The Game Awards 2021 | Intel Graphics

    be funny, if they get to release and get slapped with patent infringement :D
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    HELP! - Ryzen 5800x/Windows 11 very high idle/browsing temps.. 70c!?

    doesnt help to use multiple temp monitoring programs, i see icue which can monitor temps and msi after burner. i would close down all apps 1by1 and see when the cpu usage starts to change
  17. henson0115

    Is 8GB of Vram enough for the 3070

    nothing new from nvidia, thats why they make so much damn money, because people buy gpus like there going out of fashion!! every release when its not required... they no damn well they can now get away with it.
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    The AMD Driver Thread

    same here.
  19. henson0115

    The AMD Driver Thread

    it is downclocking the memory on the 6800 for me, did you guys clear the settings(factory reset) when you did the install?
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    12900K Tamed On Cinebench With Noctua - NH U12A chromax Black Air Cooler

    not sure why anyone uses the older versions... edit: it is r23 :)