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  1. Mak3R

    Jurassic World Dominion

    That killed me. Thank you.
  2. Mak3R

    What film did you watch last night?

    Decided to start watching Star Wars on my OLED TV. Haven't watched them all in years and I thought 4K might be a nice treat. Started at EP I. Some of it was indeed lovely in 4k. Some CGI was rather jarring and took you away from the movie. Looking at you Jar Jar and Watto in particular. Still...
  3. Mak3R

    God of War

    You need to be a certain level with decent armour before taking on the valks otherwise you just get rinsed. Something I learned the hard way on my PS4 play through :D. They all have different attack patterns so you just have to die a few times to learn them. Though some are remarkably easier...
  4. Mak3R

    The Book of Boba Fett - Star Wars Series (Disney)

    The biker chase scene was utter cringe. It was like it was in slow motion.
  5. Mak3R

    **The Walking Dead Season 11 - Contains Spoilers - No future content to be discussed **

    Haha same, I managed until the end of S8 or 9. Not sure which it was now, whichever one was the one that ended with lots of bad things from the whisperers for the first time and lots of people died out of nowhere. I vaguely intended to finish it but i can't bring myself to struggle through...
  6. Mak3R

    Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic

    I have replayed KOTORI &II multiple times over the years. Hundreds of hours across them both so I love them and will definitely play this. The story is better in 1 but I prefer what you can do with you companions in 2 with regards to the force and training etc. Anyway, yes the UI definitely...
  7. Mak3R

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I've recently just finished this + the DLC on PS4 (got it on the free giveaway). Loved the game. Normally play on PC but it was free so why not. I'm crap at aiming with controller so that was an issue but I got on with it. The story is great overall. Make sure you get the bow (war bow I think?)...
  8. Mak3R

    New Series: Colony

    I started watching S3 on netflix the other day when it appeared thinking it had been resurrected as I'd only seen up to S2 on it. Little did I remember I had saw S3 elsewhere and had just forgotten. Took me about 15 minutes into to remember I'd seen all this long ago. Was rather disappointed :(
  9. Mak3R

    Halo MCC - Halo 4 - 17th November

    Slowly working my way through the campaigns since buying them on xmas sale. Completed reach, H1 & H2. Almost Finished 3. Having only played the original trilogy back when they came out and not since, so it's a mix of nostalgia and I don't remember any of this :). Reach was fun. CE was far too...
  10. Mak3R

    The Queen's Gambit (Netflix)

    Watched this all over two days. Thoroughly enjoyed it, I know nothing about chess personally. Few bits probably went over my head because of this but don't think it detracted much from of it. Well acted and a great story.
  11. Mak3R

    The Mandalorian

    Tbf Luke didn't blow up the second one. Maybe that's why he became such a whiney old git. His conscious caught up with him for the first death star blow up.
  12. Mak3R

    Star Wars Squadrons

    I had to swap from default controller settings to whatever the next one over was, southpaw maybe? It swaps roll and something else on the sticks around. The default just confused the life out of me and I'm not someone who ever uses invert controls or anything like that.
  13. Mak3R

    What TV shows are you currently watching

    Almost finished 'Its always sunny in Philadelphia'. Will be lost when it's over. Might just start watching it again, has been amazing.
  14. Mak3R

    The Mandalorian

    Great first episode, spared no expensive on the SFX on it clearly! Some scenes were incredible aka the explosion.
  15. Mak3R

    ---Left 4 Dead 2 Thread---

    Agreed I hopped on for a few games couple of weeks ago when the update came out. Haven't played L4D2 since 2009/10 era. Thought it still looked remarkably good for the time that's passed. Can't say the visuals offended me in any way considering its over 10 years old.
  16. Mak3R

    Star Wars Squadrons

    Is it easy to just get 'spawn camped' in dog fight game mode? Had my first taste of it online there and after like 1 minute we were getting destroyed and few people left. every time we spawned the entire enemy team just flew at us and blasted us out of the sky in seconds. As soon as started...
  17. Mak3R

    Cobra Kai

    Finished S1 last night and onto S2. Enjoying it depsite S1 being an almost identical rehash of the first movie. Reminds me of watching the force awakens haha. 'The hawk' zero to baddass overnight. :D
  18. Mak3R

    Star Wars Squadrons

    Played the fist few story missions last night. Using an xbox controller on PC. Had to change settings from default to whatever the next one over is called as I was doing the opposite movements to what i was expecting to do haha. After that I was enjoying it. Except I keep down throttling...
  19. Mak3R

    Always remember to disconnect phone from car bluetooth.

    Ha thats hilarious. And gross.
  20. Mak3R

    Apex Legends BR

    Volt is insane, can melt people in 1 second flat. P20 hammers on standby in case you need a backup gun. Won 2 games last night with this trusty new combo.